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M-audio bx5a VS. Krk Rokit5 ??

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I'm considering these 2 options as my next monitors.
I've just heard the rokit5 and was impressed...
Anyone have a detailed opinion on which is better?? Thx!!
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I've heard both and TBH I am leaning towards the Yamaha HS50M. Really good reviews on them if you look around. They sound similar to the KRK's, but I found that the KRK's could be a little harsh sometimes. Take a look, definitely worth it.

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The JBL lsr2325p,  Tapco S5's, and Mackie MR5 are better than the KRK rockits and the BX5a. But if I had to choose between those two I would get the BX5a.

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Thanks for the feedback guys...

I'll check them out - but as the Yamaha/Tapco are not available readily for auditioning... let alone buy - ... I'll look further- I'm sure I'll find something,


also, when you guys are saying better... ... what do you mean? - flatter response? louder? better lows?- tighter? warmer??


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I heard them both again today (the KRK and Yamaha). The RP5 is very nice, don't get me wrong, I think the difference is it's just a little brighter than the Yamaha HS50m. I think the HS50 hits that sweet spot in the middle where it has great highs without being too harsh. That being said, if you have the money, which is only a little extra, the RP6's sounded great and had a decent amount more bass.

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you have the RP8's how are those?

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Beautiful. They sound a lot better than the 5/6's because there is more bass which gets rid of the harshness there sometimes is with the 5's or 6's. Very clear, precise sound with thumping bass if you want it.

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Yeah, I heard the Rp8 as well... they do also sound awesome, and they are LARGE!

I may consider using them for HT system!

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I'd highly recommend them

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what is the best dac to hook up wif studio monitors?

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