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Near Lancaster, PA

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Anyone near Lancaster, PA want to meet to exchange headphones, etc.  I see most of the meets are on the opposite part of the country, and I'd like to hear what some HD650's and the like sound like.  Is there anything near Lancaster, PA.  I am 30 minutes away from the city.

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I have been to 2 meets just outside Philadelphia but that would be a little over an hour give or take from Lancaster.

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I live in West Chester, PA and would in interested in meeting.

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Lancaster sounds doable. Maybe sometime around Christmas? Take advantage of the vacation time lots of people have. A half day meet would allow people to try out some different equipment, and still make it home that same day.

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I'm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and would love to join you.  There's also a new audio group here in Lancaster that may join us:  Please keep me in the loop and let me know how I could support the meeting.

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The one gathering I went to was at the Radnor HS and I was at another one not too far from there but the name escapes me for now.

fang from Direct Head-Fi wa tehre since he is not too far from there. He game some really good pricing too since he was there and I even got to hear, at the time, their prototype, electrostatic cans!

There was a few people and it was a nice time! Hopefully something can work out. I have no idea where you were even hold a meeting place out there so if somebody want to grab the bull by the horns that would be great. Not sure of the Philly area members would go but it's worth a shot!

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I would like to get together too.

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Any chance of having a meet in early 2011?

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I would definitely be interested in this

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