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Sennheiser PXC 360 BT

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I've searched but can't find a thread on this:  is there a release date and price on the PXC 360s?

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So I take it nobody knows what I'm talking about?

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I emailed Sennheiser in Canada and got this repsonse on Nov 1:


We are expecting the PX 360 BT and PXC 360 BT in Canada this month.


I haven't found anywhere selling them yet,

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They are now available in Canada.  Speaker City in North Vancouver can order the following models:


PX 360 BT $340 + tax = $381

PXC 360 BT $496 + tax = $556


Also, Headphone Bar on West Broadway can also order them in, but he quoted me a higher price than above.

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