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HJE 900 best for <100$

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i am new to this forum,i am looking for in ear's that stay stable inside the ear while running,working out, etc...i am a bass head so they must be having a good bass the title says my budget is 150$,please help me out with your suggestion's.

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Hippo VB for a bass-head.

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IE7, Custom 3, Turbine, EX700, FX500 and HJE900.......

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guys i have been reading a lot of reviews and there are a lot of IEM's out there but because of the budget restrictions i had to narrow it down to the following:



1) Sennheiser CX 680

2) Klipsch image S4

3) Ultimate Ears 600

4) Ultimate Ears Super Fi3


there are my first pair of IEM's so dont wanna spend a lot, all of these cost around 100$. i could be wrong with the selection so if u have any other IEM's in mind that are in the same range (<150$ ) and that are easily available in the stores across the US please let me know.


thanks for your help.


P.S they must be having good bass as well.

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The HJE900 should be in that list. Unless you mean you want to be able to find them inside a physical store? In that case you will probably only find them at J&R in NYC. They are currently only 89.

If worn over the ear especially, they stay perfectly put in my ears. Using foam tips further secures them. I always work out with them.


From pretty much all accounts I've heard they sound better than the S4, at least. I haven't heard them compared to the others. Mine certainly sound very good for the price.

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It might depend on what you mean by bass head.  Some people want a lot of midbass and like that emphasis.  Others simply want good extension and the ability to actually produce a 30Hz or 40Hz tone.  Sometimes the emphasis is done on some headphones because the extension isn't there.  Are you looking for emphasis?  Extension?  Or both?


One I will toss out there is the Denon ATH-C751.  It isn't talked about all that much on the forums as of late, but it's an excellent earphone and one with a solid bass line.  The Custom 3 was already mentioned, one of my favorite bang for the buck earphones around, very good sound quality, a thicker note that is unusual for balanced armature drivers.  It does roll off on the bottom end though but has solid bass presence otherwise with the thicker note.  Plus it responds well to EQing, so a little bass boost can get you what you want.


There are a number of earphones specificially known as having good bass, and some of them have already been mentioned above.

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yeah i am talking about a physical store....if i order online it might take a while....i am really dont know much about emphasis?  Extension?  Or both?


here are the genres i listen to mostly:


Rock( all sorts)






So i want IEM's that can give me a woofer effect in my ear....sorry i know the wording is out of place...but thats the best way to describe it...


i selected the following as they are good brands and are in my budget.


1) Sennheiser CX 680

2) Klipsch image S4

3) Ultimate Ears 600

4) Ultimate Ears Super Fi3


Please help me to choose among them or something similar(<150$),the HJE900 that Napilopez mentioned are way above my budget.




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Your needs seem to be very similar to my own.  Unfortunately, I have all but given up on finding any of the better IEMs physically in stores regardless of price range.  After looking at common shops, such as Fry's, Best Buy, Target, etc, it is apparent they are stocked almost solely with the likes of sony, low end jvc, coby, Dr. Dre, bose, and skullcandy.  The only respected brand of IEMs that seem to be carried physically in stores are least as far as brand and model go.


If you are leary about ordering online, as I am, I would suggest buying Amazon gift cards so you don't have to worry about credit card theft and then you can order from them with some sense of security.


Keeping in mind that my needs are in the same physical use vein as your own, here is my current list of "most wanted" $100-$200 IEMs:

1. Jays qJays

2. Panasonic HJE900

3. Senn IE8(used)

4. Radius DDM<--I'm pretty sure these won't work for running though.

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heyy thanks a lot for ur valuable input would definitely keep them in mind

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Any more suggestions guys?? please hurry i got like a weeks time before a friend of mine leaves from the states...

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Okay if you are a serious bass-head, and I mean serious, then the most tremendous woofer in the head earphones I have ever heard are the Audio Technica CKS70's, which are like being punched in the ear. I'd suggest given your budget that you look into the newly released upgraded model the CKS90, which is apparently a bit more balanced. I don't know how well they will fit in the ear running, but they are a hybrid canal/earbud design which may give you some clues.


The DDM's are definately the kind of sound you want (really good sound in fact) but I don't think they will be a good option for running at all, just in terms of comfort and microphonics.


Whatever you choose, you definately want something with a dynamic driver rather than a balanced armature driver, since really only dynamic drivers at that price point can move enough air to give you that subwoofer feeling. This includes the S4, DDM, IE8, HJE900 - but not the UE 600 or d-Jays. You also want something where the earpieces are light weight, since the heavier they are the more likely they are to fall out while running. 


Sorry I can't give you one specific recommendation, but I hope that helps clear things up.

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that was really helpful...i am looking at the HJE 900 right now and i think they come with a detachable cable....i think thats a pretty good option unless the wire just pulls off from the ear pieces in the course of time...any way i think i am going to read more post about them....



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ok...considering that the dynamic drivers produce the best bass....can any one suggest me a couple of IEM's with dynamic drivers??PLzzzz  (<200$)

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that was indeed a superb post...thanks

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