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[Help] Monster Turbine

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Received my Monster Turbines today from Moon Audio


-Best Bass

-Great Sound

-Great Detail

-Great Appearance

-Decent Durability

-Fine Comfort


I tried the Small tips, DID NOT FIT ME AT ALL

I tried the Medium tips (Theres two pairs of them in the package right?), Fitted me well but think maybe losing some sound

I tried the Large tips, Fitted me well and produces best bass. But doesnt feel comfortable with it


So i decided to use the medium pair but after spending some time with it, my ears become uncomfortable with the gel as it feels like it gets harder


I heard that the Comply Tx400 is decent for the Monster Turbines

So im wondering how does it compare to the original packging Gel tips that you receive?

Does it change the sound, bass or any oter aspects?


Also, generally speaking how long does these need to be burn in?


I compared them to my Skull candies ink'd, of course they sounded better but not by a lot.


Although the turbines have great sound but it wasnt really worth the money. Maybe mine just needed some burn in?

If the Turbines continue to soundafter burn in, i dont think it was worth the $150.



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Why don't you just use the skullcandie ink'd ear buds on your Turbines?

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