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Indeed they do. My whole PC set up/speakers are black, as is the stand I have purchased. The Woos just add a little more class to space imo

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Originally Posted by s0126471 View Post

1:  Do some people use a headphone stand?

1a: If so, what brand?


When I use to listen to music a lot, yes. But now I prefer having them in boxes. I have some Woo, Stax and other stands. Some people use banana hangers. Those Sieveking Omega stands look nice.



2: Do people use a cover over a headphone stand?

2a: if so, what brand?


If you dont want dust on your headphones, yes.


The only brand of those I have are Stax. Any plastic bag will do the job. I have also seen plastic vinyl record sleeves used as covers for headphone stands. They're easily found on eBay.

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It may sound crude or wrong, but I place mine nicely in a milk crate. Though I keep the T1's in their tin box ;).

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i use the sennheiser headphone stands that have the adjustable clamps. they are relatively cheap, compact, unobtrusive, and functional. i own three of them already, but plan on getting more as my collection grows.

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This is what I use - a couple of Sennheiser HH10 holders clamped to a shelf, with hooks underneath to hang the cable.


Also have some shelves to store amps, DACs etc.  Need another shelf, though, I have more amps than will fit.


On the side at the bottom is the headphone that is in current use, on the little credenza is an Audio Gd FUN DAC/Amp which is what I was currently listening to.


This stuff is directly behind my chair at my PC desk, the wide-angle lens makes the space look bigger than it really is.  I just swivel my chair and reach behind me when I am sitting at the desk to adjust volume or grab the "current use" phones off the lower holder.



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I bought some hooks from my local home depot. They're just two pronged rubber hangers and I just drilled them into my desk. They work pretty well

EDIT: I got a picture of it with my a700 in my profile.
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I hang my headphones off my desk with cheap ($1-4 apiece) spring-loaded wood clamps like these:

Cheap spring-loaded woodclamp (from Amazon)

They're nice because the phones can rest their weight on the solid headband and not on the head pad. The array doesn't look handsome, though.


I'm still in the stage where I'm still experimenting with how things sound, so they all stay within arm's reach because I'm going through them fairly often. Also, some were bought used and shipped without their boxes. I'll have to worry about storing away less used phones eventually, or else I'll sell off the ones that aren't getting used often enough.


At work, I have a Rubbermaid-branded hose hook with an improvised pad for the headband. It works well.

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I too a Sennheiser clamp. I have no room on my rack for a stand (top shelves hold two turntable and my WES). The clamp attaches ncely to the side of my rack. I only keep one pair out at a time and cover them when not in use. For prolonged idle periods, they reside in their box.  BTW ... using a lined album sleeve is a novel idea.

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i use hotel laundry bags...to keep my OzGrado warm, 

this one comes with a side pocket to keep my coiled cable.

ps: just need to remind myself not to toss it together with the actual laundry from my travel case.


2012-01-06 22.17.19.jpg

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for my AKG L702 and Sennheiser HD 650 I use the audio technica (AT-HPS500) headphone stand and cover it with STAX earspeaker cover.  Works pretty well! :)

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Woo Audio stands are pricey but very good products IMO.

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I simply hang up whatever headphones I plan on using on any particular day on my curtain rods, and keep whatever I've used recently in this drawer. Before somebody throws up, I have to explain that the WeSCs were simply in there because they happened to go with an outfit a few days ago. I never listen to them anymore, but keep them around for nostalgia because they were my first headphones.



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Sorry no photo but I made a S.Steel one using A hunk of solid S.Steel 3"Dia.X 2" thick for the base then heil arced a 3/8Th's S.S. polished pipe coupling to the base then just used S.S. 3/8 X 6" polished pipe then another coupling & so on getting to the 30" high stand finished with a 3/8" 90 degree and finally a padded 6" pipe nipple for my HD 800's to hang on...... Hard to imagine but It's about chair height for me and doesn't have to be on my desk.... Stands in the corner by amp, Dac, & Jkenny Hi Face Rack.....   You could buy all the (unpolished) pipe or even copper at your Home Depot/ Lowe's and make your own height stand........  I do agree that the Woo stands are nice I just have the supplies and welders etc at work...... A Government job.... 

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