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Originally Posted by Happy Camper View Post

Hope you don't have to send it out for repair.......


If your superior knew you had personal packages sent and never had instructed you otherwise, I would say by logic you nave nothing to worry about. That said, there may have to be a scapegoat for others to look good or save face.


And I would second DavidMahler's proposal on behalf of everybody who lost on Singlepower's thievery and deceit. That includes all who have had to spend money to secure peace of mind with your existing gear. In Dave's and many others cases, they don't have an amp to repair and were out their cash. 


Maybe we can have the bomb squad sent to Singlepower as a terrorist threat.

Especially if it just came back from repair, being a Singlepower.

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Ultimate unboxing EVER!!!!!



just recently i was at the post office mailing off a package and an elderly lady was in ahead of me scribbling out a proof of delivery card. after she was done, she moved along the line and finally almost made it to a clerk when a USPS employeee started barking ( and i mean, it wasnt polite in any way) at the crowd in line to identify the package little old lady absent mindedly left on the counter.where she was earlier. in the span of time it took somebody there to realise whose package it was (little old lady had to be reminded by another customer), technical terms were thrown about, "unattended package" etc etc.. and a small panic was beginning to brew. some customers, me inclusive stepped back and out of the building prefering to not be in what ever was unfolding... fortunately before any real alarm was raised, package was "identified" and the "scare" was over.


i dont frequent the post office too often, but i wonder how often this happens. i imagine the post office reckons itself as a prime target.


back to the OP, hope you werent burnt by this incident and hope your amp is ok. 




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This is ridiculous.  Hilarious, but ridiculous.  People are way to jumpy about anything with wires.  Because apparently wires = bomb.  Reminds me of when the bomb squad blew up a stuffed horse a while back.  Or the ATHF signs in Boston a few years ago.  Just...ridiculous.

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well...eagerly awaiting to hear that things are alright

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I guess integrated circuits do have some advantages ....I hope this blows over smoothly for you.

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lol. There was a suspicious package found at my University a couple years ago...the bomb squad was called in, they opened the package out in a field, and found...a box of chocolates.  I guess nothing is too innocent to be suspected anymore.

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I think the funniest part to me is that it was the packaging that was the real key to starting the scare, not the wires so much. It went like...


Oh my!! That is some seriously shoddy packaging! Call the package police... That is sooo bad it could be a bomb.... Don't think twice about those nice looking packages there, they sure aren't from some random place in Ohio.


If only those terrorists could learn to pack their WMDs better. :facepalm:

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LOL, did you get it back though?

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what a disaster, talk about poor packaging. staples shipped so many stuffs to me with broken boxes and none had problem, while most of my nicely packed packages were held in ISC..

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I wonder if any of this would have happened on any other Monday of the year. My guess is that because it was the Monday following the 9-11 anniversary weekend the government building the amp was delivered to was still on some kind of heightened security alert.

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Judge Buff, you just became my most favorite head-fier ever.


In a couple hours we will know how AudioDwebe's ordeal was... Good luck, dude!

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All's well...sort of.


At least my security card still allowed me access into the office, and there wasn't a note asking me to clear out.  Someone did print off the article and place it on my desk.


Got teased a bit.  I'm sure there's more to follow.


Had to talk to the security sergeant about the box.  He basically explained what had taken place just in case I wasn't aware, or had seen anything on TV or the Internet.  It appears they were mere "minutes" from putting some sort of a "plug" or something and blowing it up.  Thankfully, they didn't.  He explained that the first cause for concern was the home-made nature of the box and the wires (I'm thinking it was the power cord) that they saw through an x-ray, as I don't believe the x-ray machine would have seen through the metal amp into the p2p wiring. 


When I first saw the crate, I thought, "Wow, that's a big box!"  But it's a relatively nice crate.  Built well to protect the innards...


Here's where the "sort of" part comes in.


The amp itself appears fine and, what I thought were the tubes being tossed in the video was actually the power cord wrapped in bubble wrap.  And, as Dennis has indicated in an earlier post, the tubes arrived safe and sound inside the transformer cover.  So I pretty much figured everything was fine. 


Figuring I was going to test out the amp at the office, I'd brought a pair of RCA cables, along with a headphone (K500).  So I put the tubes in place, hooked up the CDP, and plugged in the power cord.  The amp powered up just fine, and I turned up the volume knob to see if any sound would come out.  A nice, comfortable listening volume was reached with the dial at about 12 o'clock.  I was casually listening to a CD and, after a few minutes, shut the CDP off.  


I then heard a grounding buzz coming from the headphones.  The buzzing sound disappeared each time I touched the volume knob.  I'm having a hard time figuring this one out, although in the back recesses of my memory, I recall having something like this happen in the past with some component.  But unfortunately, I don't recall the component or, more importanly, whether it was something that was easily remedied. 


So, disappointed (and assuming something got loose inside) I shut the amp down.  I waited a minute and powered up again.  It's been on for the last hour or so with no buzzing issues.  It's now dead quiet when there's no music playing.


As for the amp, itself...man, this thing is big.  Actually, it's HUGE!  The body of the amp is the size of a really thick briefcase. 


And the sound?


Very, very nice!  I don't recall hearing a more "wrap-around-the-head" headstage from any of my other amps I've had in the past.  This is one terrific sounding amplifier.  Holy Cow! terrific, actually.


But the buzzing that I initially heard concerns me a bit.  I'll try shutting it down in a while and powering it up later on to see if it comes back.


So if anyone has any clues as to what might have caused the problem, please chime in.



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Very relieved that it still works! I have a buzzing problem with my own DIY amp, but it's only when I'm toucing the casing or very faintly when my laptop (source) is plugged in to power. I doubt that helps, but still... Oh, and the buzzing goes away when I touch the laptop casing.


But yeah, it's good that the tubes and the rest of the fragile components appear to be intact. Is the casing damaged at all?


Oh, and thanks for easily the best audio-matyrdom(ish) story in years.

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Glad to hear everything worked out relatively well!

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I was really interested in buying that same amp. That's crazy what happened though. 


Curious, how much did that beast cost to ship and what carrier did you use? 

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