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And yet, nobody sends out the bomb squad when somebody sends you a Bose.

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Does your headphone amp have a bass boost?  Does it make your cans go boom-boom?

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Originally Posted by Bilavideo View Post

And yet, nobody sends out the bomb squad when somebody sends you a Bose.

If somebody sent me a Bose I wouldn't call the bomb squad, I'd just never talk to them again. Then I'd sell the Bose item for a ridiculous price and buy a nice rig with the money. Cha-ching.

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You definitely owe that bomb squad guy a couple of beers. In case anybody ever does send an actual bomb to your building, you want to make sure the squad doesn't think it's another false alert.

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I guess they think that terrorists wouldn't take the time to pack their bombs well...

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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post

Why do people always assume that electronics are dangerous?  Seems like if there is a wire or two, everyone assumes the worst and panics.


Actually, people panic over all sorts of stuff these days.  Among other things, I used to play with a chemistry kit and model rockets when I was a kid.  The local hobby shop used to sell rocket motors to kids, no questions asked, either.  That would probably get someone arrested today.

I think people have seen so many episodes of 24 and movies where the bomb is just the little homemade thing with wires in it. I don't think selling rocket motors would actually get someone arrested, but probably a small fine.


I hear a Brit talking about "The Troubles" and how one time him and his mates were leaving a pub when they saw a scruffy-looking duffel bag on the curb. They called the cops, fearing it was a bomb. When the cops came 45 minutes later, the cop walked straight up to the bag, grabbed it, and threw it at my British friend, angrily said "THERE'S YOUR BOMB!" and left.


People allow themselves to be terrorized by irrational fears- and its not a recent phenomenon.

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I panic when I see robots.

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I know there are all kinds of tweaks out there. I've heard of cryo treating parts, using dielectric insulators, even floating a part in blue kool-aid (don't ask) but this X-Ray thing is kinda new. Maybe we should compare your X-Rayed amp to a factory new non X-Rayed model to see if we can hear the difference.  LOL

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What? There is a SinglePower amp in that building? Send in the bomb squad immediately! Hahaha. No offense to Mikhail Rotenberg

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What would really suck is if they put him on the watch list. Homeland security at its finest. What a joke. Law enforcement is always trying to make a spectacle out of something, so much drama these days.

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Bad judgement? Who had bad judgement when sending out the bomb squad? The police? Oh yeah. And what does 'horrible' packaging have to do with anything? I think people are watching too many bad action movies. Pretty soon sending anything electronic that isn't on a pre-approved list will be illegal. This is laughable, but shows the ignorance and stupidity in our society.

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this deserves to be bumped

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Originally Posted by JamesMcProgger View Post

this deserves to be bumped

Careful!  It might explode...

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Originally Posted by maverickronin View Post

Careful!  It might explode...


should've been "Boomped"

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Bump again - laughed when I read this :D

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