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There's My Supra...

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And, apparently, others have also read that thread about it being explosive.




I took the day off to take my son to the local fair and, when we returned, had a few urgent voice messages to call the office.  Unfortunately, the calls came in a little after noon and we didn't get home until after five.  The message (had two almost back to back) said something about mysterious crate with wires addressed to me.  I wondered why they didn't call my cell, and when I got it out of the Camelback, it turns out that they did call me about four times but being at the rather loud environment of the fair, didn't hear it.



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Good thing they didn't blow it up as a precaution.

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Oh man...this is good. But, you shoulda put it in the DIY forum, LOL.
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Hahaha classic!

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Why do people always assume that electronics are dangerous?  Seems like if there is a wire or two, everyone assumes the worst and panics.


Actually, people panic over all sorts of stuff these days.  Among other things, I used to play with a chemistry kit and model rockets when I was a kid.  The local hobby shop used to sell rocket motors to kids, no questions asked, either.  That would probably get someone arrested today.

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People have watched too many movies, giving people much false knowledge as well as made far too paranoid.  I recall an event in a favourite military/mystery novel, where someone throws what appears to be a hand grenade into No. 10 Downing St. The main character of the story casually walks up to it, some minutes after it has not gone off, sniffs it, and picks it up, declaring it to be a dummy grenade.  He knew that if it were real, he would smell the burned fuse residue.  As there was no smell, he knew it wasn't a live grenade.  People these days just don't have that much common sense.

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LMAO!  Good way to start the morning.  I love the part about the shoddy packing job

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wow just wow....

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Are you going to get a refund?


Edit:  Wait nevermind.  Actually can you get a refund? :D

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LOL, was this a Supra? Then I don't blame the bomb squad for coming! Those Singlepower amps have been known to blow up!

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when your amp has a leading roll in the hurt locker, you know you've arrived at the top ranks of head-fi.

congrats, AudioDwebe! 

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So... You're an attorney for the city of Tacoma?

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The amp was fine I hope? :)

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hahaha! Bomb squad FAIL. 


Your probably on the National terrorist watch now. 


It kinda reminds me of this time when the cops were called because someone thought they saw a baby in a garbage can in front of a Walmart.


It turned out it was just a burrito. 


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as one of those youtube "box opening" videos the start was good, now move on to the content and first impressions:)

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