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So i just ordered the MS-1s ..

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Hey, before i start.. I'd like to say hi. This is my first post, and I'm totally aware that this isn't the introduction forums but figured i'd say it anyways :D.

Let's get back on topic,
I ordered a pair of Alessandro MS-1's yesterday and i was actually wondering about a couple of things. First of all I've gotten worried because i haven't heard much about the site and they haven't shipped my item yet, so I feel like i got ripped off but hopefully that isn't and the site is trusted. Now i have been playing guitar for the past 3 years, and not until about a year ago i got really into music. I listen to the classics: Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses, AC/DC those kind of things. But my favorite band is actually Pink Floyd.. Sometimes i can close my eyes and actually drift away to their music and lose track of time. I have finally made some cash and decided that i really need to get proper headphones to actually enjoy them. I also hopefully will get Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card in order to actually get the best quality i can from the headphones. I'm also wondering about wether i need an amp and how much they cost and which one would be the best, as i have no money right now and i heard they're quiet expensive. Maybe there's a substitute for it, maybe my new sound card would actually fully support it and do all it can to.

I really can't wait to receive the headphones, I'm just waiting for them to ship out :D P.S I've been listening my whole life to music from my crappy monitor speakers or 10$ headphones from the supermarket.. so I'm sure these would make a huge difference

EDIT: Just to clear this all up if you guys didn't understand my question. Is it safe to order from the alessandro website, as i already did and Is the MS-1 and the ASUS Xonar Essence STX a good match? I've heard alot of good things about that card and it will save me from having to buy an amp soon anyways. I also do Line-In recording right from my guitar processing so the card i heard is decent in recording

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Their site is the only way to get the headphones, and they are definitely not a fly-by-night outfit.  Don't worry, they will arrive.


The MS-1 is one of the best introductions to the world of audiophile headphones.  They are uncommonly open, so they won't be great in loud places or anywhere you need isolation, but they have a wonderful, detailed, crisp sound that will go well with the music you listen to.


My guess is that you'll be quite happy with them driven by the Asus.  They are actually not that hard to drive, though I find they sound a lot more refined with a decent source (they don't sound great out of my portable player).


I hope you enjoy them!

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Thanks for the reply, it actually really calmed me down.. but now I'm abit more impatient in waiting for it to arrive. As for sound cards, if anyone knows a better sound card to recommend, please do share.

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I'm not knowledgeable with soundcards but it you want a free FiioE5 I can send you one. You could plug it into your soundcard, then amp the phones with it. Just make sure the volume on the soundcard is lowered or you might blow the amp.


And welcome to the Grado team!! Those are great headphone for the money no doubt. Heck I have a pair, and look at my other headphones I own in comparison. Really the MS1's are incredible for the money.

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Glad to hear they really are worth the money! :) and i can't accept something like that, but thanks man.. I love these forums already. Anyways, they still did not ship my headphones out yet

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It'll take a while for them to ship them. I say give them like at least 3 more days? :3 .... And yeah i heard lots of good stuff about the MS1's but i have not been able to try out a pair myself sadly. D:

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Just received an email saying my package has been shipped! :) Will let you guys know when it arrives and how it goes. Keep it going on the sound card though.

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Looking foward to it~! As far as sound card goes. I'd say get the Essence STX. It is a great card :D I think there are others out there that are better but none comes into my head now. Essence STX is mainly for music and isn't really for gaming but i dont think that you are a big gamer or am i wrong about that? :P

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Don't know much about the soundcard but I suspect you'll love the MS-1 for the type of music you listen to. Although it's true amplification is not a necessity for the MS-1, I find it more engaging and immersive when amped. If you're on a budget I'd suggest you look at the Fiio E7. This dac/amp provided a distinct improvement from my macbook headphone jack. It can be used with a portable source (if you have an ipod make sure you get a Fiio L3 cable)  and has bass boost levels that's actually worth tinkering with.

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I am a gamer, but i'm not really looking into good quality gaming sounds, not really the top of my interest as most of the times i'd listen to music and put the game on mute. Right now I don't really have the cash to get the Fiio E7, but maybe later. For now i probably will stick with the Essence STX as it already has an integrated amp. Even though it might not be that great, but it will last me for awhile till i decide to upgrade. Although if you do have a better sound card in mind at the same price range, that would be great. But honestly I've looked into it a lot and from what i came up with is that the Essence STX is the best bet for me right now.

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I heard the amp on the Essence STX can drive the AKG 701 :D but some people say it won't show the headphones full potential lol so i think the MS1 would sound great with the cards headphone amp.

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The Essence STX can drive the HD650's, which are headphones who need power...it can be adjusted for low or high impedance headphones. 

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ordered my ms1s three weeks ago, and still waiting... how long do you think it will take to be shipped to argentina?


i can´t access to alessandro products´ web page, do you know if they changed their web site or something?

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Originally Posted by alvaroa View Post

ordered my ms1s three weeks ago, and still waiting... how long do you think it will take to be shipped to argentina?


i can´t access to alessandro products´ web page, do you know if they changed their web site or something?




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Wow, 3 weeks. That sucks.. I ordered mine with priority shipping so i got a tracking code. Hopefully will receive it within 7-10 working days

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