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Firstly, sorry guys, I've not been here for a long time. I used to periodically check the thread, but nobody posted here for ages. So, I kind of forgot about it.


Anyway, quick rundown of my current situation with this setup.....


The FiiO is attached to my Mac Pro (Haximus Pro, google it ;-)) as a DAC, and the headphones are tucked away in their bag, nice and safe, and have been for probably over 2 years! Occasionally they come out when I want to listen to movie without waking the neighbours, yes I play things LOUD!


I attempted to redo the LOD cable (not long after the original post), as I didn't like it, but ended up using a naked braided version, which I have lost, as I don't recall seeing it for a good while. Also, I don't have the iPhone 4/4S anymore, I have the 5 now with lightning cable. So, that's probably a big reason I don't use the FiiO anymore for headphones. 


I also don't travel as much for work now, so I drive, and obviously I am not putting on the big old Shures in my car, now that would be strange? Or would it?


To be fair, the last time I used my Shure's properly (for a period of time) was on a flight to Barcelona on the way to Zaragoza (and back of course).


I was seriously thinking of selling the Shure's, with the cable, but then I thought that nobody would be interested in my modified version.  




Originally Posted by willlondon View Post

I am in the UK as well and have just done exatly the same thing as you, after extensive research on this forum - bought the 840's and a DAC/amp (quite possibly two actually, going to have a listen to the fiio e10 and compare with a Nuforce uDAC to see which I prefer). I love the look of the mod you've done and the increased portability and SQ would be welcome - but I have no experience soldering. If you're anywhere near London and have some time, would you be up for letting me try them out and possibly re-producing the mod (obviously I'd pay for parts and your time)? Sorry for the strange request - I'm just a big fan of improving good products to get as much out of them as possible.


To be honest, I would love to make you a cable if you are still interested. I am in Manchester so no chance of a sample, but I would be more than happy to make one for you.


Parts + labour = Price.


Originally Posted by Gladzilla View Post

id like to use a good quality audio cable. but keep the stock 2.5mm


Not sure that is possible, as it was a moulded cable from memory. Also, you want the stock cable for longer listening distances ;-)


Originally Posted by Vargulf View Post

Those gold cables look beaut. Wish I had that skill. Lets just say I tried once and I wont try again lol. Didn't ever realise before that my fingers shook slightly. Half way in...I knew alllll about it :(


Just wondering from the picks I have an almost identical setup with the smartphone -> Fiio -> AT's and with the same straight 3.5 jacks sticking out both ends. How do people carry this?? I take a briefcase to uni and put the taped together brick in that but I always feel like I'm shortening the units life when I take it out.


I think that was another reason I stopped using the FiiO, I had the iPhone banded to the FiiO, but the jacks were a pain for pocketability. I was sure I was going to buy a new amp, or make one...... never happened.


Take care

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thanks for the update.

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