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Has anyone got a hold of Audio Technica's T200? Is it any good?



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just got them today and returned at the same time.


FYE (For Your Entertainment) started stocking these i guess. they seem to be racking in more Audio Technica products, sometime it wont be suprising when they start distributing the M50's




anyways i had a brief listening session in a Mall environment, as i only told the guy i wanted to try them out so i purchased them.




They sound quite similar to the Sennheiser HD201's except more brighter sounding and less neutral.

Im not impressed as i come from Grado SR80i's and i love their SS



They are mid/Treble bright, the bass is okay but lacking.

but its apparent and enough to provide the intensity in your songs. but not something that would feed the crave of a Basshead.



and they have a limited soundstage, something i cant explain in cheaper budget Closed headphones.

like this muffled feeling but its not really muddling. i suppose thats just how they are.



but being around 20-60$(i got them for 40$) they are worth the price for a affordable budget can you'd want for decent listening.


but if you have any more reputable higher end cans, this isnt something id point to.



other other bits of personal opinion.

I like how they look, i hate street-style looks or colour schemes.


They look perfect to me.


comfort is great too, considering the dual headband is Rubber/Silicone and the exterior piece is plastic as well as the rest of the headphone.

clamping pressure is very light too, not something for sparratic head movements.



final words, they arent analytical, not the best sounding, but they are a good step up from say the Sony MDR ZX100, cheap earbuds, airplane headphones, or those rubbish free headphones with your CD player.


id recommend them for easy home listening, for the person who isnt too into Audiophillia.

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The Sears in the mall near me has these on sale for $16,..can you say say stocking stuffer?
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