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Buying advice; MEElec M2 vs. SoundMagic PL21 or others?

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Dear Head-Fi'ers,


First of all, I'm sorry to open an x vs. y topic. There's lots of information to be found on this forum, but I hope you experts can advice me a little in this personal 'dilemma'. What I need is a durable pair of earphones for a low price and with a decent but fun sound. I'm not exactly an audiophile but do listen to music for a few hours a day.


My needs are basically the following:

  1. Durable build;
  2. Low microphonics;
  3. Decent but fun sound;
  4. Comfortable fit for listening a few hours straight (I use tips in size M, but the housing might not be too big since my ears are quite small);
  5. Below $30 including shipping to Russia.


Given these needs I got interested in the MEElec M2 witch is now for sale and will cost me just $11.99. My question would be, how do these compare to the SoundMagic PL21 (~$19.13) and the MEElec M9 Operation Gratitude (~$27.94) especially price/performance wise. I have been interested in the Brainwavz M1, but currently they're too expensive since I missed them being for sale. Is there a chance to get them for sale if I mail Raz?


Really hope you can give me some advice. If you need any more information I'll kindly provide it.

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For your reference, here's the weekend sale for the M2.


OK, how about a weekend sale? You probably have our M9 and up, but how about the M2? The M2 still offers great sound with an aluminum construction and the same great cable of the higher end models. Why not pick one up? How about for $7.99 for the M2 and $8.99 for the M2P? Use SHIPPING_COUPON code for a $2.95 shipping credit!



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The M2 is a good earphone for the $10-15 retail price but it won't quite compete with the M9 or other good earphones in the $30 range. If money is tight I'd say go for it but otherwise I'd shoot for the soundmagics or M9s. I've also seen the ViSang R01 and ECCI PR200 on ebay for ~$30 shipped lately, which are a step up again from the M9/PL30/PL21. Lastly, you may want to try and find the Fischer Audio TS-9002, maybe even locally. A little funky-looking but very enjoyable all-rounders.

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Once again thanks for your advice. I've seen the TS-9002 locally but the shells are too big for my ears, but they would be a very good alternative indeed! How would you say the M2/M9 compare to the PL21 in terms of microphonics? I would not mind a little less sound quality for lower microphonics. I have a pair of CX400's but because of the microphonics I don't use them.


The ViSang R01 are probably too microphonic I'm afraid, really wished I bought the Brainwavz M1's while they were in pre-order haha. I think it's much between the PL21 and the M9 now, or the M2 for it's ultra low microphonics and cheap price and replace them with a pair of M6 or Brainwavz when I've the money.

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The cords on both of the Meelec earphones are really nice (same as the one on the TS-9002). Microphonics should be minimal as far as conventional in-ears go. The cord noise of the PL21 is closer to average, same as the R01 and PR100/PR200. The PL30 has nearly no microphonics at all but that's more because of its over-the-ear fitment. If you also wear the R01 or PL21 over the ear microphonics won't be an issue.

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I'll buy a pair of Meelec M9's locally, though they are quite expensive ($33) they can be returned for a full refund if they don't fit right or if the sound ain't my cup of tea. Since the fit is very important for me this might be worth the $5. I'll report back when I have them.

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Couldn't refuse and bought a pair of Meelec M6's for $26.04 due the 24 hour sale, witch I think is a very good deal.

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Lol... Let's call it the 'head-fi syndrome'. Hope you like the M6 

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 You're right. Well I think the M6 will suit me, the housing/body is very small so the fit won't be so much as a problem. The sound quality is just a tad higher then the M9. The design allows me to use them while sporting and laying down. And.... best off all paid less then I would for the M9.


I'll post my impressions once I received them. Thanks to ljokerl for the great help!

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I have the M6 in but I already sold them for the price I bought them within a few days 

They sounded great and have very good build quality. However the fit was not for me. I've tried all the included tips but the problem was in the angle of the nozzle. It made my ears hurt within minutes. Really a shame since I liked them very much.


This makes me back on the market for a $30 pair or new earphones  Now the Brainwavz M1 are in pre-order again I might get these. Can anyone tell me how big the nozzle, the 'bulb' and the housing are exactly? They have to be slightly below average size to fit properly in my quite small ears. Hope you can help me.

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That's very unfortunate with the M6. Good thing you were able to sell them though. I'm afraid the nozzle of the M1 is exactly average in size (5.5mm - same as UE, Sennheiser, etc). The driver bulge is big enough to hold the 10mm drivers so... not smaller than average either. I find them perfectly comfortable but of course YMMV. I'm guessing if you really want something below-average in size you need to look at the PL21 again even though I think the M1 is a big step up from that.

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Are you M9s still too expensive where you live? I trust joker's opinions regarding the superior sound quality of the brainwavz M1 vs the meelelec M9 - though your personal preferences, whatever they may be, could sway the decision either way. The only thing that would worry me about the M1 is the build quality - at least based on pictures, it simply doesn't look like it has a good strain relief at the housings. Depending upon how you treat your IEMs, this may be a useful factor to consider.

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Once again, thanks for your advice. The driver bulge of the M1 might indeed become problematic. However it's straight and not in an angle like the M9 or PL21 witch might be an advantage for me. I've a pair of CX-400 and they fit comfortably, but a almost similar sized Kanen MD-52 hurts. I really do like the M1's especially given your reviews. I might try and find a earphone with similar sized locally and see if they fit.



Valid point regarding the stain relieves, or better lack of, on the M1's. While I do my best to keep good care of my earphones they actually do have a quite hard live. Even though I will store them in a hard case, they might suffer when you accidentally wind them op too hard to fit in. I can't buy any MEElec locally currently, i'll have to buy them from the MEElec US webstore.



Currently I'm using a pair of Sony MDR-EX082 and they are very comfortable. The only problem is that they don't give a good seal with the provided tips and my pair is starting to show quite some wear. I've ordered (thanks to ljokerl!) three pairs of Sony Hybrid tips in size medium too see if I can get a better seal, they should arrive in a week or three and will report back. Does anyone know if you can buy a genuine pair of MDR-EX082 online?


SONY-MDR-EX082.jpg DSC00476a-1.jpg

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