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FOR SALE! Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference turntable LOOK!

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I'm not going to be needing this anymore, I'd rather not be stuffing it in storage, and I need an arm for my VPI, so here it is. $700 FIRM It does not include an arm, I strongly suggest an SME 3009. Message me for further details / pictures  My Ebay feedback is under PhylTeach612 so buy with confidence! Thank you, Brandon





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if we want to buy the Transcriptor Turntable how would we actually go about doing so?

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Contact me via

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Still available

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Im interested.Is the voltage 110V or 240V. I know some do both.

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just came across this   any slim chance its still available ?

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I gave it away, because that is what I do with toys like that, if you want a transcriptors, then tighten your belt and plop down $4,000 for a Hydraulic Reference MK II the current model, they are still making transcriptors btw. 

The MK1 is a cheap toy, the MK II is everything it should have been. Personally I went with a VPI TNT MKI and that is a HELL of a lot of turntable, that and its modular design combined with the continued support of VPI make it awesome for upgrading.

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