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AT CKM50 or RE2+E5 ?

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Hey its me again,


This time I opened that thread for a close friend of mine. I recommended IEMs in the title what do you think about them? Or another advice in max budget of $60 with shipping international. Thank you.

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anyone ? :(

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  The ckm50s are bassier & more musical and the re2 is flatter and more analytical. It all depends on your friends sonic preferences. Everyone here also seems to recommend the Brainwavz M2/ Visang R03 (these 2 are the same iem, just rebranded) for this price range, and there is probably a good reason for it.

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I thought Brainwavz M2 but it has a warm fun sound or im wrong? I mean he wanna notice the details while he is listening metal music so the IEM must have an analytical detailed sound right? M2 fits this specifications? If so we'll gonna pre-order two pairs 

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  I haven't listened to the Brainwavz , so i can't really help you there. There are other things to sound besides raw high frequency detail, like balance, soundstage, a natural timbre e.t.c. The main thing you need for metal though is speed, and i don't know if these are fast enough. A cheap balanced armature like pl50 might also do the job and will also probably sound better than the re2.

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Actually I'm a noob so cant efficiently deicide what is best for genres for example didnt know that speed is the important specification for metal. May pl50 give the detail we want? 

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Metal seems to me to be one of the hardest genres to do justice with cheaper IEMs, generally because you need something that is bassy so that you can get all the drumming detail, yet not so bassy that they just become mushy. At the same time they need extended treble response as well, since otherwise it ends up sounding blunted. Last of all they need speed, so that fast layered passages don't break up or get dull.


So in fact, what you want is balance and accuracy, which is pretty much what people pay a lot for (and don't always get) even in the most expensive IEMs. Just going by jokers reviews, considering that he has heard pretty much all the options at the price point, the PL50 and the R03 seem like the best options in their price point.


If the PR1 Pro's were still in production, I would have whole heartedly recommended them - I got them for a metal-fan friend in a similar position. Considering that Joker considers the R03/R02 to be worthy successors to the PR1's bang for buck ratio, and that the Pl50 is a relatively old design in comparison, the R03's would be my pick.

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R03 you telling is Visang R03/Brainwavz M2 right? If so I'm gonna preorder it immediately :)

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I saw lots of awesome reviews about brainwavz m1,especially rating IEM's thread. We thought that to purchase m1 + fiio e5 what the forum ppl think about that? 

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any thought about the msg above?

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