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Urgent Noob advice

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Hi all

I've been wandering the forums and this is my first post. After tons of broken or simply unsatisfying budget IEMs, I have decided to buy some real good ones. I have saved money and since the time is right (don't ask) I wanted to order them as soon as possible. I listen to Alternative mainly. I wanted a really good soundstage and coz I am tired of increasing the volume to hear the details while the bass hurts my ears I want them to very balanced. I have gone through a huge list and these are my final contenders. 

1. Klipsch Image S4 - I liked them at first but I keep hearing they get quite bass heavy plus they come with a huge metal case and I'd really appreciate a case I can keep in my pocket. (AU$ 130)

2. Shure SE115 - There are no problems with these except maybe they are a boring choice and a bit ugly.(AU$ 150)

3. Jays t-jays three - These are the ones I frankly like the best. They are really good looking too and come with a great range of accessories that make the price sound worth it to me. They are new so there aren't many reviews around but what I'm hearing is good. (AU$140)


These are all in my price range and I've given it a lot of time and thought so I'd like no new suggestions. This choice is making me crazy so please help!

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I think RE-ZERO wilbe better choice for overall balance than these two if you are using without AMPs(RE0 with AMPs) and from above T-Jays three may produce sound you need but S4 will give you more volume.

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More volume is good, I hope that doesn't mean just more thumping bass! Also, is the S4' cord durability a real issue?

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Let me also cast a vote for the RE-ZERO.  Most balanced, neutral, even IEM that level of money can buy, and some of my favorite phones outright.

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Are the RE-0s and RE-ZEROs different? I know I can buy RE-0 online here in Australia

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same budget similar dilemma few months ago.

i chose S4s. i have been using Image S4 since then. somehow i find them very bright to my liking. so much that 'm almost thinking of buying a different pair of IEMs. only this time i would not go by reviews but 'll audition a nicely run-in pair.


all the best.

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What do you mean by bright? I hope thats not a stupid question.

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for me: too bright=harsh/balance tilted towards higher frequency sound.

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hmmm... that's why I'm reserved about them.

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