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Hello fellow hi-fi heads,been reading this forum for a while and like it..I have recently switched from speakers 5.1 to headphones.Aparently the road dose not dig my subwoofer as much as I do..At first i was disappointed loosing the use of about 4k of gear,but now I acctualy prefer headphones.They are more efficient,intimate and you never worry about disturbing anyone..I got the headroom dac-desktop micro amp combo and love the little thing,hd650,ak701,erp4, and am waiting for the uber denons to arrive..The listing has been great and high quality from cable TV via optical to computer USB FLAC and foobar,and PS1 with optical for CD,but I occasionally get a little burst of crackle at the end of a sequence of sound.Its not loud but its the same with every headphone..Its the same no matter what source.Its not a big deal but I was wondering if anyone had an idea what it could be,so i could fix it.I have ordered an astrodyne power supply as that is the only thing I could think of doing.Thanks for any help.stef.