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Hi Paulo Mario,

Yes they've arrived. The sound quality is wonderful, but I've had a problem with the cable... Maybe this is the reason for that bargain... I don't know... But the fact is that I've contacted Shure and they have replaced the for a brand new one. However I still have a bad cable contact on the left channel from time to time.

Let me ask everybody a very important question: Does any of you know have any experience with the sweat droping on the earphone (specialy at the cable contact)? I use them to walk on the beach and Rio de Janeiro has a very warm whether, so, it is very commom that I sweat on my head.


Thank you everybody

Carlos Eduardo

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adding on to that... you can use the weston cables with TF10 pro without filing BUT... this is a huge but, you wont be able to go back to stock cables and you may and could have damaged the interconnects...

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Yup, the Westone ES cables are compatible with the TF10s...but you have to first file the pins as they are a tad too long for the TF10s' connectors. I first heard it in the Jaben forums and saw it in action in an acquaintance's IEMs, although the IEMs in question are the Super.Fi 5 Pros.


As for fit, the Westone ES cables TREMENDOUSLY improves it as the cables, as we all know, are very pliant and soft to the touch. Thanks to the included memory wire, I can now comfortably loop the TF10s around my ears for hours. They also improve the seal of the IEMs on my ears as I can now push the TF10s a lil' bit deeper into my ears.


As for the sound, the cables slightly pushed the mids forward. Note that the frequency response of the modded TF10s still remains V-shaped; with the cables, however, vocals are now bearable to the ears compared to the stock cabled TF10s when more often than not vocals are lost in the sound mix. Bass sounds tighter and cleaner with the modded TF10s while treble response remains exceptional. On the other hand, with the slightly forward mids comes a slightly smaller soundstage. The decrease in soundstage width and depth, however, isn't that large enough to take away the enjoyment from listening to the TF10s. Overall, the Westone ES cables are a worthy upgrade to the already-palatable UE house sound.


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YEAH the tf10 is really suitable for pop music.

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Don't forget to put mids with EQ little up on TripleFi10.

You will be more happy:)

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Originally Posted by jaibautista View Post

I just hope audio stores here in Manila will stock these Shure 535s and offer a demo unit. The last time I've auditioned a pair of SE530s and compared it with my TF10s, the latter, to my ears, just ate up the former. Like what vinnievidi said, the SE530 lacks that "fun" pop in its sound signature. While I commend its performance as far as vocals are concerned (they're nearer to the ears compared to the TF10s), the SE530 fails to excite me. Plus, the treble and bass roll-off is too pronounced that its sticker price here in retail outlets seems to be a real ripoff. Then again, I still haven't heard the SE535s since they're not available in retail outlets in Manila. For the meantime, however, my bet's on the TF10s as long as you can properly fit them in your ears.

Found a place that allowed me to audition a few IEMs. Mostly low-end Skullcandies & Beats (ugh...), but there were a few nice ones up for audition, like the Klipsch Image x10i. 


Compared to what I've read regarding the TF10s and SE535s (wish I could try them out), the Klipsches are a bit more detail-oriented, with a relatively flat freq. response. Not to say that it's neutral, but it sure seemed that way to me and my untrained ears. They cost about 350 USD, I think, so they might prove to be a good alternative.




Original Post:


I feel your pain.


Putting aside the fact that auditioning IEMs is kinda gross (how often did you say you clean your ears, sir?), stores here in the Philippines are generally unkind towards aspiring audiophiles. Note that I said "aspiring", as those with good set-ups are already well aware of what they want and how to go about getting them.


I've been into hi-fi for a bit over a year now, my primary sources being my portable rig (GT-i9k w/ Voodoo Sound), and a home system I "borrow" whenever I visit my granddad's place. What's been a huge pain for me lately is the fact that barely any stores offer good cans/IEMs, and even less of them allow you to audition them before purchasing, which is why Head-Fi is a godsend wink_face.gif


Anyone else from the PH here? Looking for a place I could try out decent cans without the staff breathing down my neck like I'm about to run off with them. Kinda sad how underrated hi-fi is in this country :/

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I would take the Shures over the 10. From my listening of the Triple Fis, the recessed mids bothered me. The fit was horrendous for me, too.


Whoever called the 10s "cloudy in the mids" thought the exact same thing as I did. The exact word that came into my mind was "cloudy" as well.

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