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New IEM advice please

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I have an ipod touch and want to replace the bundled offerings.


I've trawled through the threads (for quite some time) and done a fair bit of researching etc.


My budget is £60 - see further down


I have/am considered the following:


Ultimate Ears Superfi 5' @ £35

Ultimate Ears Metrofi 220 @ £18 (

A-Jays (2's i think) @ £30


I can also lay my hands on some Shure SE 110's for around £25 - would this be a better option than the above?


I've also looked at brainwavz and visang etc - but would prefer to buy in the uk and pay by paypal (have a balance)



any help appreciated



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i was going to suggest the brainwavz.

I heard the M1 and was quite impressed.

you can pay by paypal at mp4nation and their shipping is FREE

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slightly revised budget, at a push could go to £48 (odd amount but its what i have in paypal)


looking at fischer audio eterna's as well as audio technica athckm55 - which appeal a lot, but not much info on these 

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Its got to be worth considering buying outside the UK when the Brainwavz M2 are currently only £30 ?

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been looking through the extensive 105 IEM review thread and the Xears TD100 caught my eye,


am i right in thinking they're 15 euro here:



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small update....


i've ordered the xears td100 from their site at the 15 euro price.


not convinced i'll get on with these or the cable/cord etc.


i am on the lookout for "reserves" just in case the xears don't work out.


music is a mixture through an ipod touch 2g, with no added amplification.


budget - anything up to £60 i reckon, however i have a liking for the Audeo Phonal pfe 012 as well as the Beyerdynamic DTX80


i also keep looking at the ultimate ears 5 which i can pick up for a snip over £30


or possibly the audio technica ath-ck7 which i can purchase for around £63


if i were to pull the trigger on a 2nd pair i would need to do it sooner than later as the 2nd two IEMS are on a limited offer.


Any thoughts or suggestions?


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any help please?


choices down to:


super fi 5

ath ck7 or ath ckm55


phonak 012

klipsch s4


looking for a decent sound, crisp and clear with decent details - something that will present nicely but not distort or destroy!


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anybody at all?


particulalry interested in the following: (Narrowed list down)

Superfi 5

ath ck7 or ckm 55

beyerdynamic dtx 80


budget certainly not more than £60



anybody had the joy of comparing these or have direct experience??

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It's been about 18months since I listened to the 5's (I presume you mean the v2 ones that are £38 on amazon atm, not the pro's). I remember being quite impressed with the sound although unimpressed with the price they carried (About £90 iirc). At £30 they are undoubtedly worth a shot. I will probably end up buying a pair if the prices stay around £30 for much longer. I haven't heard the AT's. At £60 I also think the dtx80's are a good buy. I did a bit of an impressions write up here if you're interested There isn't much else written about them on head-fi though.

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thanks for that i'll certainly read up on the dtx's - there's not much info anywhere on these on the net, i've found the odd review and what hifi give them 5 stars (not that i'd be swung completely by their views)


you are correct about the superfi's the ones on amazon as well as being circa £35 on dabs at the moment as well - which i can get some cash-back through work (not much but it helps i guess)


pretty much narrowed down to the above


thanks for the link


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xears td100's arrived this morning, so far i'm very impressed.


right out of the packet they sounded far superior to the regular apple buds i was using. Much more detail, clarity and quality all round. Build quality also seems fine at the moment - howevr i have been very careful with them


Going to have a play around with the various tips and allow them to get going properly before deciding on whether they stay or go!!

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