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Protector vs. Toucan

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My current setup is: Apogee Duet SE> Protector Balanced > Whiplash > JH13. Would it be worth swapping out the Protector for the Toucan. I've been hearing great things about the Toucan but I do like the smaller size of the Protector when I go mobile with an iPod. If you've heard both units could you comment on whether you think the Toucan is a significant upgrade, and if so in what areas? Also how big is the size difference? Thanks. 

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A user and Ill allow him to chime in, has noted that after the Toucan, he no longer uses the protector.

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I have had a Protector before and have the Toucan as well as the Boomslang DAC.  The size difference between the Toucan and the Protector is negligible. From a single-ended source (iPod) you would probably not experience a big deal of a difference between them, except the Toucan is about half the cost of the Protector.  Battery life seems to be about the same.


You will need to reterminate the TWag with the 6-pin balanced connector if you go the Toucan route.


To me--and I'm just burning in the iBasso gear--I wouldn't swap a Protector for the Toucan just by themselves.  I have bought the Toucan/Boomslang combo specifically because of of both the DAC and AMP can operate in fully balanced input and output modes.  The Protector is only capable accommodating a single-ended input, which is perfect for most portable sources.


A more appropriate comparison could be made once Ray releases his SR71B fully balanced (input and output stage) portable amp later this year.

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check out hiflight's in-depth comparison of the toucan versus the protector:



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i havent heard the protector but i have owned the shadow, p51, tomahawk.  i have read a lot about the toucan because i had it for  a lil bit.  from what i read, the toucan for half the price, does an as good or better job than the protector.  and if u use that other half to get the boomslang, i think theres no contest.  the only reason i sold it was to upgrade to a WA2, otherwise i would have kept the combo and bought an amp around 400$  the lure of woo was too strong.

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edwardsean, although the Toucan may sound better (I have listened to both) it may not be worth it in your case. As stated by warp08 you would need the Boomslang and feed it w/ a digital input to go fully balanced. Plus  you would have to spend additional funds in re-terminating the JH13 cable.

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Thanks everyone,


That sounds like really good advice. I may make a jump but it seems like, for SE input, the Toucan would not really be worth the effort. I've been looking into the JH3A.

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Originally Posted by edwardsean View Post

Thanks everyone,


 I've been looking into the JH3A.

So, you'll be sending in your JH13 Pros to be reshelled for the active crossover of the JH-3A?  That's cool, I have ordered the JH-16 Pro version of that.  It'll be a nice Xmas present, most likely.

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