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Grado sr80i vs Alessandro ms-1i

Poll Results: Which one is better for rock/metal?

  • 14% (2)
    Grado sr80i
  • 85% (12)
    Alessandro ms-1i
14 Total Votes  
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Which one is better for someone who listens to rock/metal (metallica, megadeth, etc.)? I want the best sound for around $100
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The Alessasandros will win this poll, no doubt.


However, I recently did a shootout between the MS-1i's, the SR80i's, the SR125i's, and I now have the SR225i's.


I didn't like the MS-1i's at all.  The consensus seems to be that the Alessandros take the edge off the "Grado sound" and makes for a smoother, more refined headphone.  Well, that's not what I heard.  I heard the same exact mids and highs as for the SR80i, but less bass.  In fact, the MS-1i's sounded more like the SR60i's to me than either the SR80i or the SR125i.  The SR125i's do have a smoother presentation than the SR80i IMO, but the difference isn't large.  The difference between the SR80i and the MS-1i is large.

When I asked Grado about what I heard with the Alessandros, they said: NDA in place, can't talk about it, no comment.


Plus, the MS-1i's have the cheaper thinner cord of the SR80i's, not the beefier cord of the 125.  The MS-1i's are not "based on" the SR125i.  They are based on the SR80i, but I think the SR80i is a better headphone.


I was frankly, very surprised and disappointed by the MS-1i's.  Not what I expected at all from the seeming consensus here and other places.  And I bought mine brand new from Alessandro.  fwiw.


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