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2010 Fall NY meet? - Page 4  

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Originally Posted by gloco View Post

Check and see if J&R stocks these two, they have a pretty nice set up of cans in one of their stores.

x2 on that.  I'd suggest bringing your own stuff to use since their source is horrible.  I went there with a friend recent so I can tell you while you can demo the 840 there are no M50's you can demo there at the moment (buy yes, demo no).

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I am gonna try to make this if its not on my daughter Track meet as she has major meet in November.

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If a meet is scheduled and held I will as always make every effort to attend.


And yes, if I come I will bring the Asgard and possibly even something else from Schiit.


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namely the valhalla Yikes?  honestly i would just like to test the Asgrad because it seems to be my better fit.  i'd love to test the hd650 or even the hd600 on it.  if not those, then the dt990's.  i have never been to a meet before but can you take your asgrad and my source to someone who has one of these phones and test it or is there like setup of tables with stuff?  just trying to picture what a meet would look like.

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Have you looked at the impressions forum? 

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Hey I'm in New Haven so I'd have to take the train but if this gets scheduled at a time I am free count me in. I can bring my Asgard, 650s, and SRH840s too.

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Yes, I would certainly be interesting in attending.  Maybe this year, I will get the date right and not show up the day after!   Scottsmrnyc

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I'm definitely there if it becomes official. Will probably bring a diy KGSS, exstata hybrid, Audio-gd Ref 1, Marantz CD5004, Havana Dac and a pair of 404LE's.


The only reason I own any of that gear is because of how welcoming you guys were in the last NYC meet in March, so I'll try my best to give back to the community this time around.

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official thread is up. someone should go locktite on this thread.

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This thread is locked