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Help with Drilling hole for dual entry

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So I am in the process of recabling my HD-555 headphones.  I want them to be dual entry because it's easier and I think it will sound a little nicer.  The problem I am having is how to drill the hole in the right earphone cup.  The left side has a little metal casing in it and the hole is in the center, but it's curver on the outside.  If I use say a 1/4" drill bit on the right side, (not the right size probably but just trying to figure out how to do this), do I just drill the bit in the same position as the other hole, and hope it will come out as a curve good enough and then a hole in the middle?  I want both sides to look symmetrical, so even if I could take out that little metal piece in the left earcup I'd like to do that.  I tried prying it out with a flat-head screwdriver and it didn't budge.  But if it doesn't come out that is fine, it will just distinguish left/right earcups easier.  I just don't want to mess up the drill hole and have it look bad.  What is the best way to do this.  I know I have to be careful with it, just please help with suggestions!

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I haven't done this to a HD-555, but maybe I can help a little.

First, I'd make a paper template of the cup with the hole already in it. Just lay paper over it, cut to shape and mark where the hole is. Then tape it on the other side and use it to mark where the hole should be.

Next, I'd be very careful about drilling the hole. Do not go at it with the 1/4" bit right away. Use a smaller bit and twist it by hand to create a dimple in the plastic where you want to drill. This will keep the bit from wandering when you actually drill. Start with a very small bit for a pilot hole. You don't want to use the 1/4" right away because there's a chance you'll split or crack the plastic. Work your way up with progressively bigger bits in the pilot hole until you get to the 1/4". You might want to pick up a cheap, small round file. That will let you carefully enlarge the hole as well as remove any burrs in the plastic.

Go slow, be careful and if you get frustrated, put it down for an hour or two and do something else to get your mind off it before going back. If you do crack or split the plastic, it should be repairable with epoxy. But you don't want to do that if you can help it. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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ah thanks for the reply.  very good strategy at going at it.  only thing im worried about now is making that curved hole.  i know i could easily drill a hole through it, i just want it to have that same curved finish the other side does...pic for reference




See how it is curved.  It's going to be pretty hard to reproduce this curve.  Got any tips?  Think it's impossible to make it like that and I should just go on the flat part on the bottom below that hole?

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Yeah, that curve would be tough to reproduce. You might be able to reproduce it with careful filing, but the plastic is probably painted and wouldn't match.

If you might want to repaint the cups, you could drill symmetrical holes in both cups and use Bondo to fill in the old one before painting, but that would mean a lot of extra work.
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dont want to repaint it.  i think if i just make it look decent enough, i can get most of the wiring to cover it.  the hole will be easy to make, just rounded it off is gonna be tricky.  i think if i drill the hole to the right size, then use a large drill bit to reproduce that curve it might look decent.  i still think doing it on the flat part would be incredibly easy but i don't know how that's gonna look.  the guy in the silk purse project made his look decent even though you cant really see it.




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just got done drilling the hole, let me know what you guys think!

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Looks good. Have you thought about picking up a small, fine round file? You should be able to find one for $3-$5 at any hardware store. You'll be able to smooth out the hole and make it uniform. You could also try wrapping a small piece of sandpaper around a drillbit to smooth it, but the file would be easier.
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well it looks bad in the pic because i took that without getting all the shaved pieces off.  it looks almost identical to the other one i am very happy with it.  plus when the techflex and heatshrink wrap go in, you will hardly see any of it.

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