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Originally Posted by Beagle View Post

Sorry, you lost me at Step 7. Why are you poking holes into that trashed piece of plastic grill? You're not using it for the mod. From the pics, only the outside metal grill is used. Or have I missed something?

i just took a pic showing how to cut it out using scissors.  honestly i would just skip that and use a blade and go around the inside.  the outside metal grill is metal, you dont want to cut that.  its right inside that there is a plastic looking grill thats the piece you cutout.  just be careful of the screwholes.

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OK, I get it now. I think it was the pic of the plastic grill (after removal) where it shows the scissors that threw me off.

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yeah that was just there to show you how to use the scissors to cut it out.  2x1 segments worked the best/fastest for me.  but honestly, i would just do it perfect with a blade the first time without using the scissors.  much nicer look and better sound.  i shouldn't have even put how to do it with the scissors.

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is the black dust filter thing attached to the plastic grill? would my headphones potentially be in danger of damage after removing it?

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you mean the dust filter that you see through the grill on the outside or the dust filter that is the first piece that comes off after the ear padding?  if its the grill one, yes its attached to the grill you will be removing, and no your headphones won't be in danger.  if you make an even outline and push all the way through, it will only come off with the piece you remove.  just be careful, you will be fine.

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the one on the grill is what i meant. does it serve any functional purpose other than aesthetics (and restricting airflow but that's probably bad)? can dust getting in mess stuff up? do you know if the higher end models (hd600 etc) have this as well?

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its just there to block dust like you said.  removing it wont cause any problems.  the hd650 looks clear through just like this mod will make the hd555 etc...i didn't have any problem with dust or anything at all, but i take special care of the headphones.

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Does the mod improve the range of the bass?

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i'd say it improves the range of the bass, but the impact will slightly be less.  i myself, am a detail junkie.  i look for the most details and most space in headphones.  i was amazed at how the soundstage made the headphones sound.  i really liked it.  if you like bass, i don't recommend doing it.

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I did this on my Hd 485 sorta

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Originally Posted by jschristian44 View Post
 if you like bass, i don't recommend doing it.

Ok, is it still balanced after the mod or is it now bass light?  I doubt these will ever produce the detail and clarity of my 950s and if I want to be a detail freak I can get a DBI700.  Less impact is okay as long as the range is the same or better and the phone doesn't become thin sounding.

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yeah its really just less impact.

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While putting the left headphone back together one of the screws accidentally attached itself to the inner part of the driver (magnet), I plucked it out with a pair of tweezers but will this have damaged the headphones in any way?

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Is there visual damage? Are there aural anomilies like a buzzing or vibrating?


Then no.

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There's no buzzing or vibrating, I was just paranoid because it made a "clack" when the screw hit the driver. But going by what you've said they're not damaged, yay!

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