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I was hoping you would reply IjokerI - I saw you tried out a lot of tips in the M6 review thread! The slow slip out in my left ear has happened with the triple flange, large and mid singles - haven't tried the smalls yet but I will give them a go tonight. The issue seemed to be worse with the large singles, so it may be that my left canal is a tiny bit smaller than my right, so swapping to the smallest singles may be just the ticket.


I think you mentioned using Shure 'Olive' tips in the review thread (IIRC), these look quite nice; you mentioned hollowing out the core or something on these - was this necessary in order to get them to fit on the M6 nozzle or just a technique to improve performance? I am also looking at the T200 complys but these are a bit more expensive per pair, and I am not sure if they are as durable since Shure claims the olives are washable. As I've mentioned, I'm pretty new to IEMs, so I am pretty keen to experiment with different tip types.


Can you comment on which of the ones you tried with the M6  - Sony Hybrid, Shure Olive, Monster Tripple flange [which I think you had pics of?]  and any others you've tried - you found to work best, both for isolation and for sound quality? I know it's always going to vary from ear to ear, but I would be very interested in hearing your opinion given the number of tips you've tried on this set.




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Well I've had the M6 for over a year now so I've tried a whole lot of different tips. The Monster triple flanges are good for those who like deep insertion but I can't really use them for prolonged periods. Complys are fine but they wear out too quickly for a budget earphone, especially if you're exercising. They can be washed but still lose integrity over time. My favorite tips were my de-cored Olives and Sony Hybrid silicones. I like the Olives on most earphones as they provide the optimal comfort and isolation without sacrifices in longevity. However, using foam tips with the M6, in conjunction with the memory wire, makes them too much trouble to put on IMO which is why I've always come back to the Hybrids. And yes, the Olives need to be 'de-cored' out of necessity as they won't fit on the M6 stem otherwise (or will, but far too tightly). It's not a difficult process and not time consuming in the long run as a single set of Olives should last 6 months +. As for Sony Hybrids, they're just really soft silicone tips that have always worked well for me. In addition, they come in four sizes so if your ears do need different sizes their gradations might work better than those of Meelec's stock tips. 


Since you seem to do your research really thoroughly, you may want to read this blurb I wrote off-site regarding different aftermarket eartips.

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