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improve sound quality of Samsung Monte

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Hi all,


I used to have a cellphone Sony Ericsson (W series)

I got a new Samsung Monte cellphone to replace it.

Everything is ok but the quality of the sound. It can't be worst.

Most of my mp3 are 256 and 320 kbps and sound great

I also use Sennheiser headphones (PX200)


Does anyone have that telephone?

Is there any way to make it sound like a Sony Ericsson?

I tried some java mp3 players, but they don't sound better and they are not well integrated with the phone.

It has some preset equqlization modes, even with bass improvement, but believ me, it has nothing to do with Sony Ericsson.

It cannot be manually equalized.


Now I'd like to change the telephone and get one with much better quality of sound.

What telephone should I get ?

I was thinking of these:


- sony ericsson w995

- Nokia X6 (I like this cell, but what about the sound?)

Iphone is too expensive in Argentina  :-( so I don't think it's an option, apart from that, I'm not sure about its quality.


IMHO Sony Ericsson are the best mp3 players with phones, but Nokia has better phones.


Thanks a lot!

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IMHO you should purchase two things that do their job well for your two different purposes, instead of one thing that will do both jobs unsatisfactory (that is, of course, unless you're doing some other things with your phone).

Namely, some old SE cell phone (made on days SE did good things, used K750 for example) or even Nokia 6300; and sansa fuze or some 16GB walkman.

I don't know about argentina pricing, but here in russia Nokia 6300 can be purchased (brand new) for $170, and S545 16GB can be purchased for $150, while X6 16GB is priced at $430 and W995 (without a storage) at $350.

Also, philips makes relatively good cellphones in their xenium line; for example, X501 can be purchased for $130, it is made of steel, it has QVGA screen, JAVA support (so you can e.g. use Opera Mini), and it works up to 1 month from a single charge.

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