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The best wireless headset

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I have no knowladge about headsets, but I would like to buy the best available on the market wireless headset.

I have found a few models on Amazon:










Do you know any other models, which I would be interested in? How look the quality of sounds of wireless in comparison to "classic" headsets? 


I have also heard that, if I am interested in the best possible sounds quality, a good solution would be to buy wireless headphones and microphone separately.


What do you think?


I hope you will be able to help me to make a good decision.


Thank you

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what would you want to use it for? phone, TV, dictation, gaming, music? 

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mostly for skype, but also for music and for gaming

now I don't play computer games a lot, but I will be in about half a year.

Very important for me the that the headphones are wireless, and the quality of the sound (but I don't know much about it)

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I've been looking at these for a wireless solution because I'm sick of wires.  I know someone that has the g35 headset which is the wired version and he says that it actually sounds quite good, but I'm sure everyone on the forums will deny such a thing being possible.  The reviews I've seen for the g930 all say it sounds good, and gets pretty great battery life.  


You also get dolby headphone for gaming and movies which is nice.  

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I've been using G930 for the last several days, and I LOVE it! 


Last time I've used wireless headphone was YEARS ago with the bluetooth nightmare from Creative.  So I was really apprehensive about buying anything wireless.  Figured technology (or perhaps expected standards) must have improved somewhat since. ;)


Received it.  Charged it.  Installed software and played some music, all excited to try it out!  Btw, I'm using this on a laptop running Windows 7.  Initially, the sound was beyond horrible -- way too much static!  Turns out, I had to reboot the computer first.  Once I did, it sounded GREAT, and I love it!


Gaming has been fun, with surround sound effects.  I don't play online games (anymore!), so I haven't tried out the microphone.  I have no idea how it would behave with Skype, Ventrilo, etc.


One annoying part is that when I come home and my laptop wakes up from sleep mode (fresh Win7 install from a week ago, for whatever it's worth), it doesn't like G930 for some reason.  So I have to remember to reboot.  Then life is good! :)


Other than that, I have zero problem.  Wireless signal is great, and I can go to the kitchen, living room and bathroom without any hint of interruption or interference.  I have a wide head, and it fits me comfortably at setting 7 (out of 15 levels of adjustment).


There is a feature that might be a kiss of death for some:  this is exclusively USB connection only, designed only to work with a Windows-based PC.

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hmm im not farmiliar with those.   i  just broke my sony mdr6000 the other which lasted over 2 years with much abuse. sounded good for an rf wireless can, but had some major caveats like it was pretty heavy but not real uncomfortable, kinda bulky design, and zero isolation, but the worst is that when theres is no sound  for a period their is an auto beep sound to remind u to take them off.  i


cannot tell you how many times i have cursed sony's name when hearing the dreaded beeping noise.

but they had surprising bass for a close can of such cheap desing, but on the other hand they were built like a tank, i mean i was so hard on them throwing them everywhere,  the final straw was when the volume pot did not distribute volume equal and i tired to fix,i may turn into lined phones.


  ok i have tried a few, if u dont need rf wirelss i would recommend the pioneer se dir800c ir phones.

i have always wanted to try some sennheiser wireless but i read bad things, still may as i am now i the same market as you, i have been using 40 ft of chord  lol.


audio technica makes what looks to be a good one,  damn i forget some others i will do some more research and get back, but in the mean  time


it is 2010  so where the hell is the  new crop of wireless cans out there anybody?????????????

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