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FS/FT: CD3000 $400

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Now $400 because I noticed when I move the cable around, the left channel is shorting out. This occurs right before the termination. So it's litstenable now, but as the cable ages and gets flexed it will need a re-termination.


This headphone is in good condition, considering the age. There are a few scratches you can see in the pictures, the ear pads are in bad condition, but the headband is good. I will include an etra pair of unused ear pads. It has been re-terminated with a 1/8 Neutrik plug. Includes original case, extra earpads, and 1/8 to 1/4 adapter. Price is $550  $500 $475 $400 shipped in US or Canada. International shipping available. I will also consider trades. 











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price drop

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Bump, now open to trades

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bump price drop

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CD3000s are fantastic headphones. I recently bought a stock pair and Headphile pair (both balanced) and I highly recommend them. Great bass slam and clear extended highs with very wide sound stage!

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bump price drop to $450

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Wow; great deal on some CD3Ks in nice shape.

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bump, price drop cause the headphone's condition has changed

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If only they were $100 - $120 cheaper. I would buy them on the spot smily_headphones1.gif hint hint lol

PM me

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Dude, somebody buy these... now. That's a great price and these benefit from a recable anyways. He's got me checking my wallet and I know I can't afford them!

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