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WESTONE 3 with 8 drivers!

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Im curious about their sound! Has anyone actually tried remoulding them to 8 drivers?


How does it sound like??



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More drivers doesn't equal better.


The end goal is to simply cover the frequency spectrum.  As far as BA driver earphones go, this requires only two drivers.  A good example is Audio Technica's CK90Pro, pretty much 30Hz to 15kHz flat with just two drivers.


The gain with more drivers is typically SPL related, getting loud without distortion.  This is why you see a number of BA earphones using dual drive bass units.  They simply provide more output cleanly.


More drivers will NOT guarantee better coverage of the frequency spectrum.  It can because a driver can be used over a narrower, more ideal bandwidth, but x-over setup can be a trickier, and there are issues with multiple drivers playing the same frequencies, blending well, and sounding coherent.  As much as more can help, more can also introduce new problems.

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yup i understand that, but im just wondering if anyone has them. Because i read online that apparently they become very neutral. 

what does SPL mean?

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Sound pressure level
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