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turbine pro copper amp

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im picking up a pair of coppers soon and want to grab an amp to go along with them. i was thinking of an alo rx but there seems to be a lot of hype about balanced amps. can i get an adapter to plug them into a balanced amp or would i have to replace the connector? or can anyone recommend a good amp for these?

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You have a whole bunch of great choices around $200-400.


I use a Minibox-E+ with my Turbine Pro Coppers.  Read up on the different sound signatures of amps, see what you think you will like best.


If you can't decide, Minibox-E+ and be done with it. 

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I have also picked up a pair of Coppers and am going crazy trying to find a portable amp that will widen the soundstage without sacrificing bass depth and impact. Any recommendations?
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I was looking at the ibasso t5
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Originally Posted by tyrek413 View Post

I was looking at the ibasso t5

I'm considering a T3 T4 or T5 for my golds.

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hmm.... unless you are going to reterminate it into balanced, then a balanced amp will not help, because you will have an adaptor that goes into the amp but essentially still single ended because your headphone is single ended. I forgot how my MTPC sounds, since I gave it to my sister long ago. I have iBasso D4, but it is also not in my hand... can't recall anything at all.. For size.. iBasso T series and pico slim are the way to go, they also produce great sound. For something over the top... well... that depends on your pocket size and the thickness of your wallet (the green paper inside). These days.... people are going crazy over the portable setups... I don't even think you can call those portable anymore, because they don't fit in your pocket.. unless you have customized pants with 3 pockets running down each size....



wow... just realized that this thread was started in 2010... really digging up the old stuff I suppose...

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