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Originally Posted by HeatFan12 View Post

I believe the uDac2 will fit the bill nicely.






I think I'm going to have to pick one of these up.  Perfect for the dorm.

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Anyone know why the udac-2 is out of stock?

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Not sure. I was looking on amazon and noticed it was out of stock. nuforce's website shows it as currently unavailable. it is possible that they are coming out with a newer model.

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using udac2 on my imac, working perfectly fine.


They just released an strip down version of udac2 - uDAC2-HP




                                                               uDAC-2            uDAC2-HP

24bit/96kHZ USB DAC                               Yes                 Yes (same as uDAC-2)

High performance headphone amp               Yes                Yes (same as uDAC-2)

RCA Output                                               Yes                 No

Coaxial Output                                           Yes                 No

Volume Pot                                        Very high quality     High quality (same as original uDAC) 

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The uDAC-2 is now out of stock, but they might have some refurbished units soon.  Otherwise, they will be producing another batch in October.  ALO Audio may have them in stock.  I would not consider the newer, stripped down model if you need RCA outs - it does not have them.  I just received my uDAC-2 last Thursday.  The RCA outs are quite nice, and the hp out is fine with my HD-600s, but not so fine with my Ety ER-4Ps.  There is a very long thread on this DAC if you want to read more about it.



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Again, thanks everyone for your advice - in the end I stretched my budget and went with the CEntrance DACport (second-hand though, through this site's For Sale forum). It's on its way to me now....

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the HRT Music Streamer II is mind-blowing imo.

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