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Which IEMs to get?

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Hey guys,

I've been using the CX300's for the longest time now but I feel its time to get a new set of IEMs. I've been debating whether or not the money spent on the RE0 is worth it over getting the M9/M6/M11.

Would you guys suggest just going straight for the RE0 and not even thinking about the other ones?

I'd say my budget is around $50 but I wouldn't mind spending up to $100 if I can really justify them.


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youll be happyer with the brainwavz M2

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How are they compared to the RE0s? They both seem to be really good and now I'm even more torn!

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After reading a bit more I decided to bite on the R03s! Can't wait to get them!

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  If you intend to use them unamped maybe you should order the re-zeros instead.

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I've already purchased them :( which amp would you recommend? I've never used one before.

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  I am not the most qualified individual to answer that question. Perhaps they will sound good enough unamped. They will certainly blow the cx300 away in detail. Be prepared to adjust to allot lesser bass quantities though. Have fun with your new toy !




A Fiio E5 might do the job as it's dirty cheap, small and has a bass boost feature (handy for the re0). Don't make any hasty decisions though, listen to them first and if you decide you need an amp, you can always go to the appropriate section of head-fi and ask for advice.

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$100 ===> Klipsch Custom 3 on eBay.


At this price point, there isn't better that I'm aware of.

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