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Proper fit for IEM

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Hi, new here to head-fi!


I can't really seem to get a proper fit using silicon eartips, unless I press the iems into my ears while using them. I think this is due to me having larger ears than the average person :(


Anyway, are there any eartips with larger than L size eartips, and what eartips would you head-fiers recommend for better isolation? I've tried the Shure olives, and man, they are good... sadly, I can't fit them onto my HJE900s, and don't really want to try the awesome mod in case the nozzles fall out (as they tend to do on the HJE900s).


Thank you very much for your help:)

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If you have to press them in, it might be that they are actually too BIG. 


You might want to try using *smaller* eartips and seeing if you can push the tips right into your ear canal. Try using one hand to push them in with a twisting motion, while with your other hand pull your ear up and backwards to straighten your ear canal.

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Thank you very much for your advice! Will be trying it out with the smaller eartips as soon as i find them...


Also, are there eartips that provide better isolation than the stock eartips other than foams and customs for the panasonic HJE900?

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The Sony hybrid tips are more comfortable, provide better isolation and have a wider range of sizes then the tips supplied with the hje900. I've found they slightly diminish bass impact but increase bass texture and depth. I've read the super fi tips recommended more then once for the pana's but have not tried them yet but plan to order some soon.
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Hybrids are great tips on the whole, but I know many owners aside from myself who say they compress the soundstage a bit too much. I second the Superfi tips, or any "standard" type of tip. You could get a huge set of tips from meelec that will fit the HJE900s perfectly.

My preferred tips with the HJE900, however, are the Monster Supertips(gel, but foam works too), which provide the best isolation without killing detail as much as hybrids or regular foams. I would get the sampler pack if I were you, which brings 5 sizes of both gel and foam tips. Their foams also have a coating that seems to make them last longer than most foams.

I don't think your ear canals are so big though. Panasonic essentially packs the equivalent of XS/S/M sized tips for other IEMs with the HJE900s. The "large" included tip barely gave me a proper seal, and were actually smaller than some mediums I had from other brands.

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Ok, thanks alot people, might be trying to find the monster tips now thanks to Napilopez's input!

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