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that's not the reason.  i plugged my new headphones in today and they worked perfectly for me.  the reason your's are crackling is because of the amp?  or do they still do it without it?  maybe try another source like an mp3 player or something?  you shouldnt need to upgrade the cable.  they should sound fine out of the box.  im just upgrading it because i find this a very fun project and it will clean up the mids/highs a little better, plus i wanted a dual entry headphone.  wait til you see what i did and it's all complete, it's going to be awesome.  i'm going to mount my zalman mic, right in the middle of the y split in the cords.

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i dont suggest you rewiring yet.  first, do the foam mod and put them together.  if you like the sound, then follow my instructions per word on my new remastered page.  be very careful when doing it though.  if you like the sound from that, check out the rewire thread i am going to do.  wont be a week til my parts are in though.  but for now, just keep burning them phones in.

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they dont do it with the amp because the amount of bass needed for them to crackle can only be reached with my cmoy bass boost amp. its not like other cmoy amps it has a switch that increases bass GREATELY.


but if it was the amp it would be on both earcups not just the left -.-

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+ i cant find a zalman mic here in the uk or i would be recabling straight away since i mainly play cod4 on the pc and i go into tournaments and shit but i have to use a old fashion mic. -.-

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you might have already damaged your driver.  i would just relax with them and play music and stuff at normal levels.  then after like 3 months have passed, plug in the amp again and see if it does it.  and for the zalman mic, you dont need to recable your headphones, it just snaps on in line with them.  but the quality is great once you turn the mic volume and boost up its very good sounding.  im just saying im putting mine right in the middle of my y split for a unique look and best sound.

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its 1 particular bassy song that does the crackling and thats when i have my amp at loud with the bass boost on with increases the bass about 9.4 dB and only then i can notice the crackling and its only in a few really bassy songs (that are my favourites). 


once i noticed the crackling i didnt play em loud. i just fiddled with wires and stuff while it was on to test em if the crackling went away.


id say in total i listened about 5 if not 3 mins to the songs that crackle.  u reckon they r damaged or anything?

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well im not an expert, but dont listen to bassy songs while burning them in.  something like eric clapton or some nice contemporary christian songs will do just fine.  dont use rap songs or hard rock songs.

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Solved my problem easily.  I'm simply returning my 595s and upgrading to the 600s. 

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Originally Posted by Mak333 View Post

Solved my problem easily.  I'm simply returning my 595s and upgrading to the 600s. 

lol. awesome solution u have there. :) I've heard the HD600 is a headphone that does many things right compared to other cans.Have fun with the 600s. 

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dont have the $$$ needed for that fix :)

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the hd600 has an ugly speckled headband.  sometimes it makes me wonder what they were thinking when they made that and the ad700s purple grill.  either way the 600 are a nice headphone as is the ad700 but i just cant stand the colors and designs.

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