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akg k450 cable

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is it true that the akg k450 does not use a standard plug and that the cord is easilly broken? several people have reported this at the akg site... its the only thing stopping me from buying it... hopefully some users can comment on their durability,... warranty claiming in our place is flaky to say the least... thanks in advance   another thing, is the k450 an upgrade for an akg k81//akg k518? thanks

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hello! just got the k450 1 week ago and yes sadly the cable is not standard its a 2.5mm and enters inside the left headphone case so you cant connect any 2.5mm maybe with some minor adaptation a generic 2.5 can be used,  the headphones include 2 cables one long 1mt and another short, and you can order another as spare from akg.  they are made in china and the quality is not the best also the foldable design make them more weak, you sure have to handle them gently.  the sound quality is great and they are very confortable.





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I have bought 4 new cables within approx. 2 years. They do not last very long. But where can I buy these at a cheaper price? I have to pay 60USD for them in Norway!


OT: I am considering a minor upgrade. BOSE OE, Sennheiser 238. Any others I should consider? Isolation is alpha omega for me. 

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I am new here.


I also just purchased AKG K450 from a local shop here in Singapore and i like the sound, particularly when it is connected to s:flo 2.


I also found the replacement cable and placed an order yesterday, it will take about 2 - 3 weeks so i am waiting for the cable now and see how it sounds.


here is the address: 


I hope this helps.

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Personally,I think there are very few choices for choosing the cable of K450...

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