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question about ad700

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Hi I'm new this thread and have been doing a lot of read up on this forum. Any how, I've been on a search to find out what I like and don't like.  I went through buying sony's XB700, then tried out beats studio (my brother has it), then bought hippo VB (find out don't like IEM), and now finally the AT's M50. 


At first I thought I like bass from hearing beats studio, so I bought the sony's XB700. I liked both the beats studio and sony's xb700's for different reasons...but from reading here I figured that there are probable more out there that are more pleasing to my ears. So I decided maybe try IEM's and that's how the hippo vb came it to play. I hated the feeling of something being in my ears within an hr, so sold it. knowing that, I don't want to spend too much for my quest to search a taste for Head phones. I bought the M50 and my gosh I love these.  I went back to hear the XB700 and Beats studio to find out that they were just too bright, grainy, and maybe even sloppy in my unexperienced opinion. I am happy with the M50, so pleasing to my ears. yeah M50.


So here is my question. I am wondering if you guys can answer this...I like the M50 and how they sound, but am curious to what an open can with there larger sound stage sounds like... so I've been thinking about the AD700.  Do you guys think the AD700 is a downgrade in sound quality from the M50?  I know that they sound different from one and another, since the M50 are darker, bassier, closed etc. I'm pretty sure I am not going to part with the M50, but am just curious if the AD700 will satisfy my curiousity and if the AD700 will sound just as good or better than the M50 in a different way.


I am hoping that the AD700 will be a good second set to cover my other spectrum of music selection.



I know there are a lot of AD700 thread and I have read a lot and that's why I'm curious about them. I hope you guys can bear with me and help me out. I'm hoping to purchase something in the next two weeks. and yes guys, I have been bitten by the sound bugs and I am itching everywhere and hoping that you guys can help me find my ointment   (It's been only a month since I first bought my first set).  I'm also open to suggestions too.




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To prevent myself from writing a story...


I've done a whole night's of research on the AD-700's and I am sticking with my modded HD-555 from Sennheiser.  Main reason, bass.  I haven't heard the AD-700 headphones but from most reviews, they are "too" open for my liking.  I like to have just enough bass to make it sound well rounded.  I did the soundstage mod to my HD-555 which makes them more open, but it opens up the soundstage, and once they were burned in, I can't justify getting a different set of headphones.  Anyways, since you seem to like bass, you might want to look into closed-ear headphones.  I am sure someone will give you a recommendation on them.  But as for me, I like a wide range of music too, and these are just great all around.  Movies, music, games come to life.  But after reading your post wanting more info on the AD-700's and a wide range of music liking, I will highly suggest the Sennheiser HD-555's and definately do the soundstage mod.  It involves cutting out the inner grill, but I was a total n00b and it was very easy.  I recommend the HD-555 all over on this forum, which people here might recommend the AD-700's because most don't like Sennheiser for some reason, but I love them.  Plus the AD-700's have an ugly purple grill to them, and are made for people with gigantic heads I hear.  They do look a little more comfortable, because I have a gigantic head, but the HD-555 I just love them.  They are so clear sounded and you can hear so much detail in songs and movies.  They are just one step behind the AD-700 in gaming though, but they still are great in the games I've played.  Anyways, don't just go from my suggestion, listen to what the more experienced people will say, but I thought they could go off my review to help you out a little more.

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Thanks for the quick reply, actually really quick. Didn't think anyone would this quick.  I'm not bias toward any brand yet. Just still on the experimenting stage. I'm trying to figure out my type of sound signature and seeing what would happen if I lean off the bass some more and lean toward something with more detail/clarity, and even something more neutral.  I guess the M50 did it to me. I found out with the M50's that I like it more than the other headphones I tried because the M50 produces sounds that are not harsh and fatiguing to my ears. With the M50's I listen to music now with only around 50-70% volume vs. before just blasting it as loud as possible with my iphone. (I know I was killing my ears.)


thanks for the suggestions, I guess I didn't think about modifications, but will consider it. not too sure how much interest I am yet, since I am still training my ears. I have thought about sennheiser at one point, but to find out all the one I am interested are too high price. Like the hd 595 or any 6XX's.  maybe in the future.  I have thought about the grados also but I'm worried about the uncomfort thing plus they don't have big sound stage (or atleast from what I read) that I wanted to understand.

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If your going strictly for music, the Grado's have the best clarity I think.  But for as you said about the HD-595's, I modded my HD-555 to sound like those.  Sure, I haven't test out to see how they sound, but almost all the reviews I read say that doing the soundstage mod does make them sound like the HD-595.  Check out my detailed How-To, but use nail clipping scissors instead of a soldering iron.  Learn from my mistakes :).


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If you like the fun, boomy sound of the M50's you probably won't like the AD700. It is extremely anemic in bass, it just doesn't sound "fun". It is definitely a different sound though, and hey, you might like it. I say try to audition a pair somewhere first, because it's probably going to be a love/hate right away.

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Well I know the M50 does have boomy bass and I do like it. But at the same time, I haven't heard any headphone that lack bass. That's why I'm aiming for something like the ad700. I'm wonder how the ad700 compare to the M50's in other area. Does it perform better with mids, treble, and what about the sound presentation. Just curious of what other think, the people who have experience both.

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i didnt know what the M50 were until i looked at them.  on the side it looks like the symbol from chester bennington's new band.  dead before sunrise or something.  but they do look really cool and have almost a perfect 5 star rating on amazon. judging from the reviews of the m50, i think your best bet is to stick with them.  if you listen to acoustic/classical music that has a lot of instruments and singing the AD700 would be good for you.  as well as for gaming, because from what i hear they come in crystal clear.  other than that, it sounds as if the m50's are almost near or just as good as the ad700 in all the areas besides bass.  i'd just stick with the m50's because from what i read they look like a nice headphone.  if only they were open ear i would get them.  something about the closed ear makes me feel clostrophobic.

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If your after something completely opposite sounding then the M50, the AD700 is the way to go. What you will gain in the AD700 is separation, detail, clarity, and soundstage. They won't have the boxed in, congested sound many closed phones have. Instead they will sound very spacious, open and airy. The bass is fast and tight but coming from a can that emphasizes bass (such as the M50) they may sound anemic. Actual sound quality from a technical standpoint is probably superior than the M50, though whether you like its sound balance more is another story altogether.

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thanks  jayb18 I think what you describe is exactly what I am looking for. I'm not looking for something to replace the M50, but something really different from the M50 but in a good way. I like the M50 a lot..really a lot actually hehe. But I wanted some good open cans with better everything you said up there. Plus, I guess I can't lose since I came from close AT cans and these are open AT cans.


Cool, now I just have to buy and wait. Oh, do you know if $92.00 free shipping is the best price out there right now?

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man if the M50's were open ear i'd have them in a heart beat.  they sound like great headphones, i just can't stand closed ear anymore.  i have a big head so closed ears always clamp, and they always make my ears sweat by the thousands.

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lol. jschristian44, the M50 are pretty good in my eyes especially for the price. I may not be best person to evaluate base on my experience, but as for the avg. listener, I think they a nice.  I found them to be very pleasing to my ears and not harsh. I can listen for hours without fatigue.  The clamp force is a little tight, but I heard they will loosen up in time. The only thing problem I have with them is the fact that my ears get sweaty pretty quick. after only maybe 15 to 30 mins. of wear and my ears start to sweat a little.  Out of all the headphones I listen to, these actually satisfied me and I don't have any real complaint as far as sound quality, but do make me wonder if their are better headphones (which I'm sure there are of course).


The nice thing is that guitar center have them and I can just price match a notable website price and get them at good price right away. No waiting for it to be delivered. I might have to drop by there again to see if they carry the ad700 and if they do I might do the same. I believe you can return them if you don't like a suffer a 15 percent restocking fee which isn't a whole lot for a under 100 headphones.

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does guitar center let you test headphones out?  i've been looking for a place to test headphones out but i don't know where.  where do you live?  but yeah i understand your ears get sweaty, that is normal with all closed headphones, that is why i hate them.  that is why i modded my already open ear hd555 to allow even more air through.  the m50 sound like very good headphones though, and im sure the ad700 will produce better highs/soundstage, but i think the m50 is the best headphone i've read thus far for music.  if i had to choose one headphone for each thing, id get a m50 for music, hd555 for movies, and the ad700 for gaming.

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yes guitar center does let you test headphones out.  They have some sort of column that is attact to some audio outsource that you can't see anything but the buttons to control the track, volume, etc. On the column are like a whole bunch of headphones to try out.  Pretty cool. Just make sure the guitar center that you go to is big not a small location. The smaller one don't have test out.  I think they also have them lying around also with other equipment.  Others on this forum told me that they have gotten the employees to open up box for try out, but I don't know about that. I know for sure, the employees there kinda sucks and are not too helpful. I live in the US/Texas. here's the website http://www.guitarcenter.com/. Oh, forgot they also give 10% discount on the difference of the price they sell and the price you found, but of course the customer service sucks so you have to tell them about it. If they say no they don't do that anymore, just tell them it listed on the website. Thats what I had to do. This should save some on tax.

  If you price match, just print the page with the headphones and prices. What they do is use that and also look up on the internet to verify. I think it's a pretty cool place to check out, they have a lot of equipment. One of the biggest guitar place I have seen.

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wow that is pretty cool.  so i could have gotten my pair of hd555 10 percent off the 117.95 price at amazon.  wish i knew this before they shipped out.  oh well its only 10 dollars.  but i would like to test other headphones out like the AD700's, etc.  i know of a guitar store around here but i dont think its guitar center anymore.  thanks for the information though!


Edit:  they don't by chance have the 1400 dollar HD800's to test do they?

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If you want something different than your AT M50, you should definitely try out the AD700. I haven't personally listened to the M50 yet, but I do have experience with closed headphones. I have both the Denon D1000 and equation RP-21. They are both known for the their bass impact, as well as having sufficient resolution. Those closed headphones are generally good for music that has a lot of bass. I really like listening to music with a lot of bass impact, it makes you feel that the music is very "full" and makes you feel very "involved". 


But I just can't get enough of the open headphones. You should try the AD700 or a pair of grados. Grados and Ad700 are both different, but they share the "airy" trait that most closed headphones lack. Open headphones just sounds more clear, detailed, and realistic to me. The AD700 has a huge soundstage that makes movie watching very realistic, because it surrounds you with audio instead of the "in your head" feeling. I would say the AD700 is best with acoustic music, it really shows off the clean sound of acoustic instruments. The highs and mids are amazing, one of the best for that price ($100). The bass impact is one of the obvious weakness in these cans, but I don't mind. because the quality of the bass is very clean and accurate. the bass here is all about quality over quantity. 


in conclusion, you should definitely try out the AD700. You won't be disappointed. Once you hear the difference between the AD700 and M50, you'll be able to tell that theres a big difference and you'll know what you have been missing. 

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