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Thanks for the comprehensive review!

I agree with the fact that they are heavy, my friend always complains about the heavy coiled cable that pulls on one side of his head!

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Originally Posted by Eggnog View Post beats the **** out of his kick drum pedal. It makes the song. With the 840's it sounds quiet and dull. No sharpness whatsoever.



I've heard good things about the Shure SRH840, my refrence point in SONY XB700 [Modded] and it's a shame to hear there's no sharpness in drums... I just spent the last 3 days listening to some DRUM HEAVY DnB and there's was PLENTY of sharpness and omph in the drums, I've got some Rock as well and I never have any issues with drums or high hats [although Highs don't sparkle with the Sony's]


still It's nice to get to read a review, it's good to hear that is has plenty of mid as well.

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+1 on these being heavy....I actually didn't notice until I started using other cans DT77, K271 MKII's, HD280's..


I track in a studio setting, and these would slide off the back of my head after about 7-8 mins, depending on how much I was moving. Totally distracting.


That said...I LOVED the sound and miss it, probably gonna give the 940's a try since they're similar but LIGHTER. They got more high-end too if I'm not mistaken.

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Can anyone compare these to samson z55 please?
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