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Little dot mk3 noise with dac

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Hey guys, i know that the little dot picks up frequency easily, however i beleive that there is this sound (like noise?) coming because of my udac2? 


the udac2 is connected via usb, from my laptop. the little dot is conected to the udac2


what causes the noise? i've tried moving it around but i still hear it!!


isit the cables?



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First off, check all of the connections for tightness.


Try changing the audio source. Remove the dac and use a mp3 player or CD player or a stereo receiver.

If the noise goes away, you most likely have a "ground loop" between the dac and the MKIII.

Special cable adapters are made to isolate the devices, cut off any ground loops between them.

The Little Dot and many other tube amps are notorious for developing ground loop noise.

Try and run a search in this forum for: Little Dot ground loop. You will find a lot of commentary.

Radio Shack sells a ground loop isolator, p/n: 270-054.


linky:  http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062214


See if you can isolate the noise by switching the tubes around.

Does the noise change at all?

If you are into rolling tubes, put a different set of tubes in it and note if anything changes.


Good luck!

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Sometimes it can be the computer itself that's generating noise, or radio frequency interference. Particularly from network signals. I had this problem once. I used to have to disable networking until I got a better NIC card. What type of noise is it and is the noise constant or intermittent? Also, I recently switched to an asus soundcard. Now whenever I use file explorer in Windows 7 there's a crackling when I open a new explorer window.

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my mk3 has a slight noise too. I have overlooked it though because as soon as music starts playing I can't hear it.  Im not sure if it stops or not or is just masked, but I don't notice it so I don't care. I am however still curious as to what the noise is though so if you come up with any answers be sure to post.

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Depends on the what the noise is a buzz, hum or static like white noise? Where is the manufacture statement on noise. What headphones are being used?




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Hello, when i got my littledot i also had hum and slight buzz and changing the power cord eliminated all noise now my LD is dead quiet. For some reason i found different cords are quieter than others i build computers and have lots of cords in a box so i know the difference they can make.

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