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Hi to all I am new in this forum and i need help deciding. I need a back closed headphone with good low bass and very good treble, I like a good mid bass but it is not my first priority like trebble and soundstage are I mainly listen progressive rock like mars volta, techno(house),a little bit hip hop salsa and jazz. I have an 200-150$ budget and i have 3 options: ATH A700, Beyerdynamic Dt 770 80 ohm or 32 and the shure 840. Also I would like to know wich IEM is betterĀ  the klipsch custom 3 or the Head Direct RE0 with te same criteria as the headphones(good treble, nice soundstage and good deep bass)

If there is another option i would also be intersted!! I will be using a cowon J3 and my computer.

Thank you !!!

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