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Poll Results: Please select one

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I currently use the Koss PortaPros but feel they are a bit to muddy and aren't all that portable. After looking at these to IEMs, I was wondering if I should drop the extra twenty bucks on the RE-ZEROs. If there are any better sounding IEMs for under $150, I would love it if you dropped a line in here too.

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I wish to know this too

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My preference is the ZEROs.

I find the mids of the ZEROs a bit more forward and smoother than the RE0s (the RE0s can sound a little dry in comparison).

The RE0s are a little more aggressive in the highs and extend further.

The ZEROs are still crisp and detailed in the highs though.

I had them both for a while and ended up selling the RE0s.

I can understand your poll being pretty even though as it is purely a matter of personal preference.

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I also had both re0 and re-zero, and decided to keep re-zero

To me, re-zero mid is much better

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Anyone know if the Cowon J3 supports the stock balanced plug of the re-Zero?

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I would also add in the Klipsh Custom 3 too.  $99, similar performance level, different sound option.  Both are really good though.  I have not used the HJE900 yet, but it is getting a lot of praise too, and you might look at that as well.


I've been able to grab the RE252 for under $150, and it has been my favorite IEM I've used to date.  It's a very reference level sound quality but does scale relative to the quality of the source music and player (good or bad).  From my point of view and preference, I see the RE252 as the best thing you can buy for under $150 (used).  It does sacrifice physical quality for sound quality though, so the earphone itself is very ho-hum in build.  It's built fine, but it isn't a SE535 or IE8 in build and finish.  It does make up for it in sound quality though, and for me, that's the important part.

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Originally Posted by Bennyboy71 View Post

Anyone know if the Cowon J3 supports the stock balanced plug of the re-Zero?

No it does not. You will need an adapter to use the RE-Zero with the J3

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