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AKG K450 Recable

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I broke one of my AKG K450 cable, I have a spare one, so I decided to use the parts of the broken one to try a recable, instead of sending it back to have a new one. I have some Mogami W2893 and Jack connectors around.


The cable is special, it's plugged in the headphone using a 4 positions micro jack I guess, so I just would like to solder the wires coming from the connector directly to the cable, maybe I won't gain as much quality as possible, but I don't know if it's possible to find those connectores from a part supplier, at least I didn't find it, and I don't want to open the hard black plastic around the connector, it's pretty thin so there must be some micro soldering here, maybe I'll try that at last.


I began removing the black cover over the wire, and I noticed that there was three wire, one red, one blue and one which has the same color as cooper, but there isn't any conductivity between to points of these wires, has anyone any information about this issue? I don't know how to figure which one is TRS, because there's no conductivity between the jack and the wires, weird.


The cable is really thin, so it's maybe a way to insolate the wires without using a sleeve, but I don't know how to figure this out, maybe with heat or something? I'd like to have a piece of advice on that problem!


Thanks for reading, and sorry for my approximative english, I hope I made myself clear!





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I need to bump up this old post.

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Don't you worry poor AKG K450 people, Ehsan has your back.

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