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Sennhesier hd 518

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There are some threads from the new 598&558  ( an other: 595vs598), moreover there is a review.

But what about the new hd518 ?


I can hardly find any usable information or a review about it.

Is it possible, that it has the same driver, as the 558/598 ?

So if you've already listened it, or read smsthing intresting about it, please share it with us!

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Same driver? Hardly likely, as the 515 has a different driver to the 555/595, which have the same driver. The 515 was never in the same class, and no doubt the 518 won't be either.

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Visually they look very appealing to me

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Sorry for digging out this thread, but I need some information on the HD518.


Are they closer to the HD515 or the HD555? Any information on the driver used?

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Here's a recent poster giving his impressions of the HD518 along with some very nice pics.-http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/538946/a-brief-review-of-sennheiser-s-hd-518s

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The 555, 558 595 and 598 has the same driveres, but the 518 has a different (maybe same with the 515).

So the 555 must be better than the 518.

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All the 5x8 has new drivers! And what's more important, HD 558/598 have a much more open internal structure, much closer to the HD 600/650 than the old HD 555/595. smile.gif

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Why the heck is HD518 more expensive than HD555 then?

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Originally Posted by Vitor Machado View Post

Why the heck is HD518 more expensive than HD555 then?

Cause' the 518 is a new model, but the 555 is an older model and it has been replaced with the 558.



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Originally Posted by hgabi00 View Post

Cause' the 518 is a new model, but the 555 is an older model and it has been replaced with the 558.


Yes but it still doesn't make sense to pay more for an inferior product just because it's new... frown.gif


Can anyone compare the 518 with the 555/595?

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I am curious about them too as they have not been professionally reviewed or reviewed in general.

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I'm currently trying to figure out whether I should get the HD 518 or the HD 555

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Well I just happened to buy the 518's a week ago.And all i can say is that the sound good in like every way.No dull highs (like most closed designs)A very nice well "proportioned"bass(unlike those bass cannon skull candys).And they run good(not perfect)from about everything.

(Mp3,Pc soundcards etc).The only problem is that they sound i TIIIIINY bit "hollow" on my philips gogear spark mp3player and my CD player.Thats why i want to know if i can improve they sound of there cans by using an amp.(like the the hifiman EF2A maybe).



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Thanks, so would you generally recommend them?

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Absolutely.But then again this is my first REAL high end headphone so ive got nothing to compare it with..

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