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Yup, it's probably fake but still it's dang cheap.

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I'm searching for a deal too at the moment as I wanted to try a pair of good IEMs that could give my full-size phones some rest (and the option to have them modified, finally).

It's really a pity how many fake phones are being advertized. I almost wanted to get something different to be sure it was a genuine product only to find out even more fakes. Quite a hassle.

Should I play the safe card and get them for 180€ / 230$ / 150 pounds or is there a good chance to find a better one?

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That's about as low as you can get, any lower and you'll have a high chance of getting a fake.

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Ok, thanks alot. The price seemed to be stable at this level for about a year so I had hoped there were some deals out here and there. Just recently I stumbled across pretty good deals for Monsters and UEs so I had hoped to find something similar with the Senn.

With all these fakes around I might even consider going to a more or less local store and pick it up myself... :)

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Guys how is it possible such a low price?


Its a HK company with web.


Any comments on this?

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Originally Posted by Angelopsaro View Post

Guys how is it possible such a low price?


Its a HK company with web.


Any comments on this?

Fake................No one would sell genuine IE8 that cheap

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how would such a shop sell fakes? i know from ebay is dangerous for fakes, but this? it makes you wonder if the other products are genuine

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Your best bet is to buy them from overseas, and watch the forum....some great deals out there. I just got my pair today from scotty2012

practically brand new for a little over 200 bucks. Worth the wait, these things are killer

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