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Looking For Quality IEM's <250

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Hello I am looking for some Good quality IEM's for under $250.


I want something that is well balanced. I listen to every genre of music from Classical Mozart Symphony's to Pop Rock, Rap, and Metal. I want a true monitor earphone. I often find reviews in which people try to justify the $500 or even $100 that they spent on a pair of earphones only to find that they are of sub-par quality. I will be listening to FLAC and Lossless quality audio as well as for my IPod and laptop.


I am a Musician but an Amateur when it comes to choosing a correct set of earphones. Right now for Studio Headphones i am using Sen HD 650's and i am very satisfied with them however i am not looking to measure the IEM's on the same scale as i would as my studio headphones.


My Priorities when looking at a Set of IEM's


I have been directed towards the Etymotic ER-4P(hear they have poor Bass), Super.Fi 5EB, and Fischer Audio DBA-02 but i cant find the Fischer Audio ones anywhere!



1st   -Sound Quality

2nd  -Durability

3rd   -Comfort

4th   -Looks



I also Prefer that your suggestions are from personal experience : )

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For monitoring, the Fischer Audio DBA-02 is probably your best bet. Fischer Audio is a Russian company. Do you mean you can't find reviews? I can link a few of those.

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Its not a matter of reviews... I cant find a company that will ship U.S that will provide adequate insurance if lost or damaged

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Can anyone comment on the Klipsch Image s4 or the Panasonic HJE900?

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You could buy DBA-02 from here.


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the issue is that they said that they are out of stock and expect to get them end of july or the beginning of august, its september 4th and doesnt look to promising

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MTP Copper, Klipsch Custom 3, SM2, SA6, CK10 and Westone 3.....

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I would suggest the Sennheiser IE8


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If you want a true monitor IEM, why not get the actual monitor IEM, the Audio Technica CK90 Pro? They are part of the professional line designed for flat frequency response, and will just be at the limit of your budget. I cannot vouch for their durability (I just had my pair break on me) but I can say that they are great all round earphones.


Things like the 5 EB, S4, or even the IE8 I doubt will be suitable for balanced monitoring.

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how about Ortofon e-Q7?

Price is a bit steep for you, ($300 depending on your location) but if  you wait for the new model e-Q5 coming out in September according to some members here on the forum, it should be cheaper then that.

link for review below


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