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Originally Posted by Lorspeaker View Post

has the price gotten down to 250 yet? ph34r.gif




??? what? that will be a really nice deal... 

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has anyone experimented with using diff pads? 

my quibble with this can then was the soundstage...its jus a little funneled/distant-ed of sorts.

But i tot this z1000 was a good/cheaper substitute for a t5p. i had both then.

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I know this thread is a bit sleepy now days but where does the remaining Z1000 owners go to get Sony genuine replacement ear pads from or just good quality third party pads?


Finding it quite hard to find them anywhere at the moment!  

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I'd just like to provide some feedback here on these headphones. 

I came from a pair of HD280 pros to these.  Immediately I was severely disappointed with these headphones despite 2 months of trying to like them.  I was about to sell them.


I upgraded the audio on my laptop to a cheapo USB DAC/amp (if it can be called an amp) and Suddenly my HD280's started to sound AMAZING!!! Yet the MDR-Z1000's still just were not sounding good at all.  Bass was absolute garbage, even on the new USB DAC/Amp.


I noticed the huge power handling capability of these (despite the low immpedance) and decided to pick up a cheapo Amp, just to give them another chance.


I picked up an E11 from amazon. which puts out about 300mW.


DAMN.  I'm so glad I gave these headphones another chance and bought a small amp for them. 


Now it's PC --> USB DAC/Pre-Amp --> E11 (Flat EQ in music player, with the bass boost on on the E11)


These cans absolutely RUMBLE now.  They literally vibrate on your head, the bass is so good.  Pushed to high volumes, they still need more power, so I'm going to pick up a Schitt Lyr for them.  But for those who said that these cans sound good without an amp..... don't expect much.  Certainly don't draw any conclusions about them without plugging them into a GOOD amp!


How's the performance of your turbo sports car going to be with crap 85 octane fuel?


Don't give up on these headphones, get an amp!


Also, I have dumbo ears.  I stole the pads from my HD280 pro and they work just great (a bit of a stretch to fit, but they work fine).


I'd like to get some velour pads for these phones, anything that I should look at?



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I have these for around one year but I rarely use them.

Yes, they sound great with all mellow songs (pop, hipop and ...) but as notes tend to change faster, z1000 sounds slow and not engaging by any means. It's really awful for rock/metal and all fast tracks (compare to my westone 4r). This is the reason that why I haven't them so much time. I don't believe in burn in, but do you guys that I need to give them more time for burn in? will their veil and congestion go away? they are by no mean like ex1000.:triportsad:


thank you guys

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Anyone know if there is an android cable that will work with this? I don't have any removable cables from other headphones to test.
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Has anyone tried these with the Vali?


The noise floor is very audible with them but it sounds real nice.

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Has anyone tried other earpads with this headphone?

I want to know what other earpads fit as my ears touch and it gets uncomfortable after a while.

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Necrosis bump!

But does anyone still have these or am I the only one admiring it after 5 years?
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I still have and love mine. I tried the new Z7 but didn't really like the fit. I've mainly switched to ATH-IM70 IEMs and found them to be a 98% replacement to the MDR-Z1000, and at only $100 US. ATH-IM70 punch way, way above their class. I also found them better than the IM50, IM01, IM02, IM03 and even the $600 IM04. Guess I just don't like BA drivers.
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Originally Posted by AUDIOBREEDER View Post

Necrosis bump!

But does anyone still have these or am I the only one admiring it after 5 years?


I still have mine; bought them when they were first released.

I don't listen to them very often, but I still like them enough

not to sell them.  Also, I've switched the cable a few times

until I've found something I like more than the original.

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I still have mine, but they live in a drawer. I've switched to custom iem for the most part. I won't sell these though.
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