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Outstanding cut resistance.



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Originally Posted by maverickronin View Post

That's the housing, not the diaphragm.  The diaphragm is supposed to be "liquid crystal polymer".  I don't have a clue what that's supposed to be though.

Funny you should mention LCP. We're using it as an alternative to polyamide flexible circuits in our company (a flexible circuit and assembly manufacturer in the MIL/Aero industry). LCP is the next generation for flexible printed circuits...it has better high speed properties (up and over 10GHz...doesn't matter to us audiophiles who only need 20kHz as it's hydrophobic and doesn't absorb water that kills the signal integrity) and great at high temperature applications (again...not really an advantage to audiophiles...37'C is plenty).


Not sure why they chose that over standard polyamide though. It does cost more as the material costs are more and the manufacturing costs too (need special equipment that costs a small fortune). You only use LCP if you need high speed signals (like GHz speed) or high temperature operating conditions (like over 100'C...boiling point of water).

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Originally Posted by haloxt View Post

Outstanding cut resistance.



Vectran is what the cd1700/cd2k diaphragms are coated/blended w/...."Vectran blended bio-cellulose diaphragm": http://www.google.com/search?q=biocellulose+vectran


hopefully they didn't ditch the BC. I've never found any page mentioning Vectran for the cd3k/R10, and the sa3k/sa5k seem to be using an improved BC called "Nano composite HD": http://www.google.com/search?q=Diaphragm+---+Nano+composite+HD



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hah, this page explains what Vectran does when coated on BC diaphragms: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ko&u=http://rinchoi.blogspot.com/2010/05/jvc.html


the EX700 is using the CD900ST technology from what I understood, and the FR is scarily flat.




most likely this z1k will be a dead flat phone...like a cd900st on steroids.

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Wow i had no idea the SAxK was BC based, it seems that munfacturing these diaphgrams has greatly evovlved since R10 90% failure rate. What has optical transperancy has to do with sound reproduction though?

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I am excited about this headphone, but the predecessors (CD3000 and SA5000) had some major flaws. Both have their good points, but they are not well-rounded, cohesive headphones. I love the high technology Sony puts into their flagship models but they have to get things like timbre and tonal balance right to compete with other headphones in this price range.

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Originally Posted by Amarphael View Post

these diaphragms have greatly evolved since R10


What has optical transparency to do with sound reproduction though?

1) so much that some ppl prefer the sa5k to the cd3k(faster transients and less cavernous SS), and even to the R10: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/132794/sony-r10-vs-sony-mdr-sa5000-vs-sa1000


I personally heard the cd1700 and it was a far cry from the cd3k...good thing they gave up on blended BC altogether in the sa3k/5k.


I've just sold my cd900st to a R10 owner, maybe he won't mind giving us his feedback.


2) If you check the first PDF in my link, nanocomposite is an improvement on regular BC. It's not only used for headphones diaphragms...and if you check all the links in the Korean link I provided, there's a hell lot of great technical infos...like that link that makes a parallel between the sibilances of different languages, and how french and japanese have quite a bit in common. Tbh, it's a know fact that those two languages sound rather similar, and I've always felt that french and japanese were sounding better than english on my japanese headphones: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ko&u=http://www.seeko.co.kr/zboard4/zboard.php%3Fid%3Dfaq%26no%3D8629


I used to work for a company that was selling voice recognition handheld terminals, and it was far easier to get it to work properly on english than on french. French is monotonic and hardly sibilant.

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Originally Posted by Kees View Post

Sony announced new flagship headphones: MDR-Z1000. Expected in November.






 The MDR-Z1000, which is pictured above, features 5Hz – 80kHz frequency response, 24Ω impedance, and 108dB/mW sensitivity.

 Price tag: $735.


Source: CrunchGear.

They looks like the new Beyer DT-48 : )

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Thx for the info leepery!

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Hey, if they are a quicker DT-48 (flat FR) we could have winner

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They sure are more austere looking than the spacey looking HD800s, they look like a less bling version of the Edition 8's.  Sony likes to use magnesium and leather so they probably have nice materials, just a less ostentatious look.  What tech are they packing, I wonder...time to read some more posts.

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Wow, they had to take 7 shots of 3 different angles.  Guess that explains their camera lineup.

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You are such a tease..

Originally Posted by Acix View Post


They looks like the new Beyer DT-48 : )

That would be something special.. Don't forget more detailed & better overall sound..

Originally Posted by sokolov91 View Post

Hey, if they are a quicker DT-48 (flat FR) we could have winner

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They do look very sturdy.. The Diagphram really pirked my interest.. Would love to hear the Z1000/LCD2/HD800 then buy the one I want..

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