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LCD2 Woody Grill

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I just bored to see the grill made of Metal Plate... so I come up with this grill made of Root Teak Wood.


What da ya think ?





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Looks nice! Does it change the sound though?

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It looks very nice! Is that your own woodworking? Looks very difficult to make.

(And what cable is that, by the way?)

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It doesn't change the sound, which I don't want to.



Yes I made it my self w my CNC, it's a jena cable.




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Absolutely beautiful!!!  How much to have you make me a pair?

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Makes me want a pair -  and I don't even own a LCD-2.....yet.

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Absolutely stunning! I wish I was tech savvy enough to make a CNC mill. 

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Very nice. Done with different colors and grains I'd think you could make some decent hobby coin.

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absolutely beautiful! not sure if match the flame wood color will be even nicer

Should we called this LCD2 limited edition or LCD2 edition 88

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Absolutely stunning!

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If you could work out a deal with Audez'e to make them an option, or sell them yourself, that would be awesome.  Of course, I would need some LCD-2 to go along with them...



-HK sends

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This done with Rosewood or even Ebony could look very nice (and be durable).

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amazing calico *drolls*

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*Very* nice!  Does it make the headphones noticeably heavier, or just about the same weight?

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Looks good.  But I'll play the devils advocate and say the whole thing looks a little too "brown".  I recommend a round aluminium ring trim - to cover the edge of the grill and covering the screws along the way - should break up the "borwniness" and add a touch of "class" and "technique".  Kinda looks 1800's, antique ATM - which is still a good thing.  Heck, why not go with brass accents - antique all the way FTW!

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