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Help! torn my Ety HF-5

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Hi everyone,


I accidentally torn my HF-5's when was riding on my bike.

The cable is torn exactly at the "Y" intersection, so i don't have cable to play with.

Does anyone has some experience with fixing in ear monitors?


Thanks in advance!

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Contact Etymotic. They have excellent customer service.


They will most likey be able to fix it, maybe even replace it.


I'm not sure though, it seems it is damaged beyond repair?

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the only option i see is to replace the whole cable

or to make a new one, which i can (attach to the drivers)

but where should i get a good quality cable?

for a reasonable price (up to 40$)


i live in israel, sending it to ety will take some time i think

but i will surely contact them


for now im looking for a new pair

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