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I did not see a thread stated yet for Audeze so just wanted to share my positive experience. I received my LCD-2 with a soldering defect in the wire and my emails were responded to within minutes by Sankar. Before I knew it was the wire he'd offered to ship me a new pair prior to receiving the defective ones back. Once I found the issue he again responded within minutes and told me a replacement cable would be overnighted to me.


When it comes to VIP themed service for every customer this the high watermark that others should strive towards. Thank you Sankar and Audeze.

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Absolutely phenomenal, personal and professional service.  Emails are quickly answered and any issues are resolved just as fast.  Having an outstanding product is one thing, but the exemplary

service provided by Audeze seals the deal.  HIGHLY recommended to all!

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Sankar worked with me to get my May 2010 pre-order LCD-2 to me by the 3rd week of July (a week early) so that I could compare them to the HE-6 prototypes that I needed to ship out soon.  I paid extra for shipping, and he upgraded me from 2nd day to overnight.  He didn't need to do this just so that I could compare them to the competition, but he did.  Email responses were fast, and courteous.  Great vendor!

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Everyting OK with Audeze, sometimes they don't reply emails, but i'm satisfied with them.

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thanks to audeze for their outstanding customer service. they go the extra mile to

please their customers. thanks again.

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I returned a pair of LCD-2 r2s because they did not respond to an important email.  Maybe if they get their customer support together I might think about a LCD-3.  I refuse to buy any product where the manufacturer won't stand 100% behind what they are sending to the customer. In my case it was a really bad finish on the wood.

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I can agree that Audeze can be a bit slow, and they do miss an email once in a while. They are not the only company that has not replied to 100% of my emails, or did not answer every question I asked. Sometimes though, I think it is them simply overlooking messages on accident. When they respond, they have been very happy to do anything they can to help. I just assume they are a little overwhelmed, and need to revamp the customer service system. 


They make good products, and are very nice, I just hope they can get everything organized and more consistent. They have real potential to be a long term player is they don't inadvertently upset too many customers. 

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