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I am lost a bit and need some help up here please.


Thing is, I want to try some ECC33 Mullards on my Cary, but this particular tube seems to have his limits with plate voltage and thats not higher than 300V. I wrote to CARY US and their answer was like this:


The 6SN7 in the 300 SEI has the following voltages applied.

Input tube 6SN7
Pin 130V
Pin 3, 3V

2nd 6SN7
Plate pin 2 and pin 4, 278V
Plate pin 5, B+2 580V
Pin 6, 290V
Pin 3, 12v



So, if you take a look at PLATE PIN 5 it says 580V, does it mean that ECC33 are out of picture?